In case you missed it…

Buried at the bottom of my trip report on the last visit to Valle Crucis was a bunch of pictures we took on the last night.  Fun with glow sticks Papa, Gigi, Sara & Momo lined up on the porch with their glow sticks. Jake & Joey provided sideline art with their glow sticks. I stood in the lawn & set my shutter speed to slooow. I timed it out and gave them a 3 count beat. I’d say “Ready, go. 1,2,3.” During the 3 count they would draw their letters. We had to practice a bit but then we all got really good at it. I’m very pleased with the results! We took a bunch of glow stick pictures and we also played with sparklers. Making shapes with sparklers I know it’s a little tooting of my own horn kind of thing but they are just so fun! Click here to see all the shots.

6 thoughts on “In case you missed it…”

  1. Love the glow sticks and sparkler shapes. Terry and I did that last New Years…we got tired after a few though…it was FREEZING outside…like around 10 degrees and we couldn’t take the cold. Okay, *I* couldn’t take the cold and after a few sparklers, I retreated back inside to warmth and pug love.


  2. I love these. When we were in IN, I played around with the shutter speed and got a streaming glow of cars driving down the road! Fun!


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