Things that just need to stop right now

Please, I beg of you, stop it.  If you are guilty of one of the crimes below, please know that I ask you to stop out of love.

  • Giraffe print bags.  OMG these are EVERYWHERE.  Listen up, if you are carrying the same bag as every other woman in the mall, then it’s time to get a new bag.  fuchsia-large-vicky-giraffe-print-faux-leather-satchelI was out at lunch having the soup/salad/breadsticks deal at Olive Garden with a girlfriend and we counted 7 of these bags within sight of our table.  THAT’S TOO MANY!
  • People who ask themselves questions and then answer them.  Ugh.  This gets on my nerves so badly.  Does it bother me?  Why, yes it does!
  • Facebook profile pictures that aren’t of you.  As we all know, FB is a virtual high school reunion.  When I get a friend request and I can’t quite place the name I’ll instantly look at the profile pic.  If the pic shows a child or a dog or a sports team’s logo and you are NO WHERE to be found in said picture, I click ignore.  I understand that people love and are proud of their dogs, children, teams, etc.  But we want to see your face!  So annoying when I want to see a long lost friend’s face and I have to dig through albums on their FB page because their pic is of a mountainside!  Look, everyone is a little self conscious.  This isn’t a beauty pageant. No one’s judging. Find the most flattering, RECENT, photo of yourself and stick it up there!
  • Speidi
  • Jon Gosselin
  • TV shows about people who have 49 children.  Hooray!  You gave birth a bunch of times!  Lots of people do it.  All over the world.  Not impressed.  Now, go adopt 23 kids (most with special needs) like this family and I’ll watch your show. They don’t have a show.  They should, because that my friends, is  IMPRESSIVE.

13 thoughts on “Things that just need to stop right now”

  1. Speidi? What is that? And those bags HAVE been around for a while. I had a billfold when they first came out, but tired of it quickly (too heavy). I really don’t care what pic people use on Facebook. Mainly because I only want to find people I keep up with. I’m not too interested in reconnecting with people I didn’t bother to stay in touch with before Facebook. I recently had a request to add someone as a friend WITH the pic and name and I still couldn’t place who she was or where I knew her from (former coworker? goes to the same church????).

  2. Guilty. I’ll work on my profile pic because I was sorta feeling the same as you. Mine was more because I’m always the one behind the camera and don’t have any of me.

    I despise Spiedi but they’ve taken a backseat to my hatred of Jon Gosselin. I had someone tell me last week that they felt sorry for him. ???????? I thought my head might explode.

    1. WHO would feel sorry for Jon Gosselin? Not me! He’s jet setting all over the world with a bunch of young girls & spending TONS of $$ on Ed Hardy clothes. The only people I feel sorry for in that situation are his kids.

  3. Oh, I just love a rant somtimes. I can’t stand Spidie either. I like her until she got with him…he is just evil. I just can’t do facebook…but not to say I’ll never do it. I agree about the shows with the multiple kids…who cares??? It’s fun to watch once, but don’t need to see everyone doing it. Now that the Gosslin children are older, it’s losing its appeal, too.

  4. I love the Jon and Kate show and am so so saddened by all that is happened. And yes, totally agree- Jon is NOT being cool at all right now.

    I also dont like it when people have a picture of someone or something other than them in the FB profile.

  5. I’m with you girlfriend! I haven’t seen any of those purses around these parts, but they are atrocious looking (just my opinion).

    I am sick of all the crappy reality shows about nothing… Tori Spelling, the Kardashians, etc. I mean, who the bleep cares. I have my own busy life to manage.

  6. Oh man, I’m so untrendy that I saw that bag and said “Oooooo, I want one of those!” I didn’t even know they were hip, let alone hip a while ago. Sigh…

  7. I don’t like anything with an animal print on it.

    OMG, that family!!! I just can’t imagine dealing with everything they do and having suffered the loss of some of their children like that! Any time we think that we’re having a bad day, we should look at that website.

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