VET = Very Expensive Trip

Monday CSP & I loaded up all the pugs and went off to their yearly vet check up. On the way there they were all smiles. The pugs look pretty happy on the way to the vet. At one point traffic was stopped on the highway as this guy wrangled a huge turtle off the road with what looked like a length of seat belt. Forgive the glare on the photo, couldn’t get the window down in time. Guy on the side of the road saving a GINORMOUS turtle! So nice of that guy to risk life & limb for the turtle. Cause that turtle was pissed. He didn’t realize his life was being saved.
The vet report: Zoe- everything’s fine. She’s weighing in at 12 lbs. She had the best time there. Molly- needs to lose some weight. She’s up to 25 lbs. Yikes! Kiki- Also needs to lose a couple pounds. She’s coming in at 17 lbs & our vet would like to see her at 15. Kiki is our problem child. She is allergic to grass (convenient since our yard is covered in it). She’s been on allergy meds for a couple years. But this go ’round, not only did our vet up her dosage (during pollen season) but she diagnosed an ear infection in Kiki’s right ear and noticed scarring on her corneas. Her nose wrinkle has grown with age and is apparently rubbing on her eyes. So guess who’s getting a face lift? MY DOG. I could go for higher, perkier boobs and an iPhone, but instead my pug is getting plastic surgery. Of course we will do anything to keep her healthy and comfortable, so we’ll figure it out.
On the way home from the vet the pugs were pooped. On the way home from the vet the pugs just look pissed. Look at how they are looking at me! As a friend of mine pointed out, they are most likely thinking “Bitch, please”.