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The Hills are alive with the sound of the Lord’s music?

Sara: What are “The Hills”?  A bunch of Christian singers?

Me:  What?  No, it’s that show that Mark films.  (our uncle)

Sara: I know that, but what is it?  It’s a bunch of Christian singers right?

Me:  (trying really hard to talk while laughing so hard)  Why would you think that?

Sara: Well, Heidi Montage (that’s how Sara pronounced it- so funny!) and Spencer Pratt are always talking about God & Jesus on Twitter. “We just finished filming. Thank you God!”  And they talk about Heidi’s new songs.

~It’s true.  Heidi is constantly going on about Jesus is great and I love Jesus etc. ~

Me:  Have you never seen The Hills?

Sara: No.

I then launched into an explanation of the Laguna Beach- The Hills – Lauren Conrad-Spencer Pratt is a douche-Heidi Montag phenomenon. I still couldn’t stop laughing.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of a group of Christian Singers- the cast of The Hills is the FARTHEST thing from my mind!