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Going to the lodge, the Great Wolf Lodge

A couple of weeks ago Gigi took a day off and we had a girls’ day.  We started the day by meeting up at IKEA.  We shopped and had lunch and shopped some more.  By the time we made it to the warehouse, so close to the registers and the car, our knees had had it.  So we picked a sofa, sat down and planned our next move.  Luckily I pack my ActivOn.  We applied liberally, I to my knees and Gigi for some reason to her forehead.  Does she not remember the last time we made that mistake?  Eventually we made our way to the registers.  Gigi paid for her purchases (I was good and didn’t buy A THING.  MIRACLE!)  Then we piled into Q-Tip (CSP’s truck) and headed North. Continue reading “Going to the lodge, the Great Wolf Lodge”