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Go Jacob, it’s your birthday!

Saturday was Jacob’s 6th birthday party. Jacob at his 6th birthday party! Nicholas & Lizzie at Jacob's 6th birthday party.Lizzie at Jacob's 6th birthday party. I brought my face paints. Gigi & Momo painted some too. Momo painted Papa’s face: Momo painted Papa's face at Jacob's birthday party It was a Batman themed party so I turned Jacob into Batman. I turned Jacob into Batman at his 6th birthday party. OMG you should have seen his face when I held the mirror up so he could see himself. He was so excited! I also painted the more traditional things like ladybugs. I painted a ladybug on Lizzie's cheek at Jacob's 6th birthday party. Little Eric kept Gigi BUSY. He wanted to be made into a full on Carolina Panther. Gigi turned Eric into a fierce Panther player Jacob's 6th birthday party!Gigi turned Eric into a fierce Panther player Jacob's 6th birthday party! She did such a great job!

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Birthday blitz

April 2009 This is a busy time for birthdays in my family right now. Jacob just turned 6 on March 30, Momo turns 19 today, Marc (my BIL) turns 40 on the 6th, and Papa’s birthday is April 17th. Throw Easter in there plus a bunch of appointments and I have a busy month!  I can’t believe my Bean Morgan is already 19!  Yikes!  Seems like just yesterday she was my baby sister.  Now she’s almost a woman!