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Beer Can Cake FAIL

My BIL Marc will be turning 40 on April 6th.  Last Saturday was his combo party that he shared with his son, my nephew, Jacob (who turned 6).  I had this great idea in my head to make Marc’s cake.  In my head the cake looked fanfreakingtastic.  In my head my cake looked something like this. But my cake would have lots of personal details.  40 ounces, established in 1969, etc.  I bought a bunch of supplies (not cheap).  CSP said I should probably make a practice cake.  But I was so sure of myself I didn’t.  I was raised thinking I could do anything.  So even though I’ve only taken the Wilton cake decorating level 1 class I thought for sure I could make a free standing, fondant covered, hand painted, realistic yet cartoony, beer can cake. Why not?  I made a great looking, if hazardous to eat fondant covered cake for Momo’s birthday 2 years ago.  SUCCESS! Continue reading “Beer Can Cake FAIL”