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Tonight I finally finished addressing and writing in all 94 (!!!) Christmas cards. This was no small feat. It meant spending a good deal of time with my little tv tray in the living room while mindless tv droned on in the background. While filling out my cards I caught an episode of The Bad Girls Club. O.M.G. These girls have some serious anger issues.  They can’t go out without getting in a fight within minutes.  And all the screaming.  Oy.  They make my head hurt.  I can’t imagine how they’ll deal with real life issues like mortgages or health problems.

In other news, I have a freebie for you!  I found a new (to me) photo site.  Just placed my first order so no idea on quality or shipping times etc.  See Here is the name.  And if you use coupon code prints-2 you’ll get 100 free prints when you sign up!

Also, I can not get that annoying Katy Perry song out of my head!  That Hot and Cold one.  Ugh!  What is it with girls who talk their way through songs and make millions of dollars?!?  I could do that!  Ok, well, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but you could do it and I could be your back up “ooh ooh” girl! 😀


Scent of a woman

You know how I love a freebie right? Well I received the link to a free sample of unique fragrances and had to share! Who wouldn’t want to smell like Burning Rubber, or a mechanic? Click hereWeirdFragrances.com – Free Samples of Weird Colognes and Perfumes and choose your favorite. In a few weeks I’ll be smelling like the 4th of July! 😀

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There ain’t no party like a nursing home party

Last night we attended my Gmommy’s nursing home’s Christmas party.  There was food, Cute little snowman on my platedancing, and music.  Gmommy & Jack cutting a rugThere was this sweet old guy wearing a baseball cap.  CSP was wearing his Twins cap(of course) and at one point turned his cap around so he was wearing it backwards.  Then the old guy turned his around too.  The sweet guy in the baseball cap turned his hat around when he saw CSP turning his hat around. Very sweet.  We hung out for a good couple hours dancing with Gmommy until they kicked us out! Papa & Gmommy tearing up the dance floor More pics here.

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Happy Birthday CSP!

Yesterday was CSP’s 37th birthday! Jon's birthday candles My honey and I went out to his parents’ house to celebrate.  I serenaded him with birthday poems and a little bit of “Womanizer” in the car. He was thrilled. Heh. His mom always makes a cake and gives presents within a theme, so on the way out there we were guessing what the theme would be.  The best we could come up with was a Wii themed birthday.  We were wrong!  It was a Minnesota Twins birthday.  CSP is a huge fan.  Here’s the cake his mom made: Jon's mom made Jon a Minnesota Twins hat cake Isn’t that cute? Jon's mom made Jon a Minnesota Twins hat cake Time to blow out the candles His presents included a new Twins hat and hoodie. My boy was very happy! CSP's a happy boy in his new Twins hat & hoodie I love you husband! More pics here.

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Ka Ka Ka Kea Pet!

Today is my sweet baby Kea’s 5th birthday! I can’t believe my girl is already almost middle aged! 😦 Kiki was born December 11, 2003. I met her and put down a deposit on her a couple weeks later. CSP had to work so he couldn’t come with me to the kennel. He didn’t meet her until the day she was ready to come home at the end of January 2004.232323232fp54ot2329465-3xroqdf232349-35342ot1lsi Her first day with us was an adventure! We  took her to the vet to get all checked out. 232323232fp54ot2329465-3xroqdf232349-35396ot1lsi Then I tucked her into the kangaroo pocket on my sweatshirt and took her to Momo’s basketball game.232323232fp58ot2329465-3xroqdf232349-353-6ot1lsi She was so tiny! 232323232fp54ot2329465-3xroqdf23234-527635ot1lsiShe was so small in fact that the first picture we sent out of her, people thought she was a toy! 232323232fp54ot2329465-3xroqdf232349-353-2ot1lsiShe’s grown into quite a character. She has tons of nicknames now. Her given name, AKC name is IKEA Li Mei Fun R****** (R***** is our last name). She also goes by Kea, Kiki, Squeaky, Squeaks, Sweet girl, and Pill.
Squeaky and Squeaks because she always finds the squeaker in any toy and will squeak it to death! Pill because if the other pugs are playing she will often come in and steal their toy, thus prompting CSP to say “Aw Kiki don’t be a Pill!” He’s a big fan of nicknames.
Kiki will get to eat her Frosty Paws ice cream tonight after dinner. She will get some new toys tomorrow and lots of kisses forever!Kiki taken with camera phone

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I always feel like somebody’s watching me

My neighbor told me last night that her and her family saw me through their window the other day when I’d taken the pugs outside.  In my jammies.  Guess my “who’s gonna see me?” logic didn’t work that time!  I hope I was wearing jammies with pants.

In other news, I’m addicted to Scrabble on Facebook.  Anyone wanna play with me?

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No tree for me!

We’ve decided not to put up our big tree this year.  Zoe is still too much of a puppy and is into EVERYTHING.  She’s still a big chewer too.  So, to avoid a huge Christmas tree disaster I’m just gonna put up the little pink tree and the little silver tree- both elevated out of reach.  I’m going to miss our big tree.  Not having the big tree for a background is going to make me have to get a little more creative when it comes to the pugs’ Christmas photo shoot.  Hmmm…


Taste tester

It came to my attention recently that I don’t taste what I’m cooking while I’m cooking it. I didn’t realize that, but apparently it’s a little weird to my family. If I’m making a dish I’ve made a million times, there is no need for me to taste it, I just don’t think to do it. But if it’s a new recipe I’ll taste it as I go along. The whole thing got me thinking if I’m the only one…