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Ka Ka Ka Kea Pet!

Today is my sweet baby Kea’s 5th birthday! I can’t believe my girl is already almost middle aged! 😦 Kiki was born December 11, 2003. I met her and put down a deposit on her a couple weeks later. CSP had to work so he couldn’t come with me to the kennel. He didn’t meet her until the day she was ready to come home at the end of January 2004.232323232fp54ot2329465-3xroqdf232349-35342ot1lsi Her first day with us was an adventure! We  took her to the vet to get all checked out. 232323232fp54ot2329465-3xroqdf232349-35396ot1lsi Then I tucked her into the kangaroo pocket on my sweatshirt and took her to Momo’s basketball game.232323232fp58ot2329465-3xroqdf232349-353-6ot1lsi She was so tiny! 232323232fp54ot2329465-3xroqdf23234-527635ot1lsiShe was so small in fact that the first picture we sent out of her, people thought she was a toy! 232323232fp54ot2329465-3xroqdf232349-353-2ot1lsiShe’s grown into quite a character. She has tons of nicknames now. Her given name, AKC name is IKEA Li Mei Fun R****** (R***** is our last name). She also goes by Kea, Kiki, Squeaky, Squeaks, Sweet girl, and Pill.
Squeaky and Squeaks because she always finds the squeaker in any toy and will squeak it to death! Pill because if the other pugs are playing she will often come in and steal their toy, thus prompting CSP to say “Aw Kiki don’t be a Pill!” He’s a big fan of nicknames.
Kiki will get to eat her Frosty Paws ice cream tonight after dinner. She will get some new toys tomorrow and lots of kisses forever!Kiki taken with camera phone