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Happy Birthday CSP!

Yesterday was CSP’s 37th birthday! Jon's birthday candles My honey and I went out to his parents’ house to celebrate.  I serenaded him with birthday poems and a little bit of “Womanizer” in the car. He was thrilled. Heh. His mom always makes a cake and gives presents within a theme, so on the way out there we were guessing what the theme would be.  The best we could come up with was a Wii themed birthday.  We were wrong!  It was a Minnesota Twins birthday.  CSP is a huge fan.  Here’s the cake his mom made: Jon's mom made Jon a Minnesota Twins hat cake Isn’t that cute? Jon's mom made Jon a Minnesota Twins hat cake Time to blow out the candles His presents included a new Twins hat and hoodie. My boy was very happy! CSP's a happy boy in his new Twins hat & hoodie I love you husband! More pics here.