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Tonight I finally finished addressing and writing in all 94 (!!!) Christmas cards. This was no small feat. It meant spending a good deal of time with my little tv tray in the living room while mindless tv droned on in the background. While filling out my cards I caught an episode of The Bad Girls Club. O.M.G. These girls have some serious anger issues.  They can’t go out without getting in a fight within minutes.  And all the screaming.  Oy.  They make my head hurt.  I can’t imagine how they’ll deal with real life issues like mortgages or health problems.

In other news, I have a freebie for you!  I found a new (to me) photo site.  Just placed my first order so no idea on quality or shipping times etc.  See Here is the name.  And if you use coupon code prints-2 you’ll get 100 free prints when you sign up!

Also, I can not get that annoying Katy Perry song out of my head!  That Hot and Cold one.  Ugh!  What is it with girls who talk their way through songs and make millions of dollars?!?  I could do that!  Ok, well, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but you could do it and I could be your back up “ooh ooh” girl! 😀


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  1. 94 cards? Are you serious? Whew…that number makes my head spin. I’ve been watching the bad girls club too. It sucks you in! And yeah…they do have some serious issues. CRAZY!


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