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No tree for me!

We’ve decided not to put up our big tree this year.  Zoe is still too much of a puppy and is into EVERYTHING.  She’s still a big chewer too.  So, to avoid a huge Christmas tree disaster I’m just gonna put up the little pink tree and the little silver tree- both elevated out of reach.  I’m going to miss our big tree.  Not having the big tree for a background is going to make me have to get a little more creative when it comes to the pugs’ Christmas photo shoot.  Hmmm…

2 thoughts on “No tree for me!”

  1. I like the Pink Christmas tree idea…Whitney has a Pink and silver tree in her room…. We had to put our tree up on a little bench just high enough to keep the pugs away from it…our New pug is a baby and is a chewer and is into everything too…Just like Molly!


  2. I’ve got a head cold, too. Ahh-choo! Oh, and Rukia would totally get into the Tree, too. I We’re putting the tree in a different room and away from her pain-in-the-assness. 😛


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