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Fall Photo Bloggy Days!

Meet the players:

And now me!

Woke up Friday and went out to the back porch with my morning drinks: Morning drinks Took the pugs out to do their business. Taking the pugs out to do their bidnessHung out on the back porch while the pugs played outside for a while: Chilling out on the back porch Went inside and had breakfast then caught up on the latest Grey’s Anatomy: Catching up on Grey's Then went through the big bag of stuff we cleaned out of my old car before trading it in. Sorting out all the stuff we cleaned out of my old car I did some house cleaning then took a shower and got ready to go out. Drove down to my Mom’s and picked her up then we went to Bunco in her neighborhood. Gigi, the bunco queenPlaying buncoAfter Bunco we went back and hung out at Mom’s for a while. She showed me her new creepy gargoyle. Mom's creepy goblin guyMom's creepy goblin guyWe watched some House Hunters and hung out for a while. Then I hopped in the car and drove home! Driving home
Thank you to everyone for playing along!

4 thoughts on “Fall Photo Bloggy Days!”

  1. Lovely photos, darling. I totally forgot (despite all your fabulous reminders, I’m such an iditot), I’ll do them later this week when I remember to start of the day with a photo.


  2. I totally remembered to do this, but have not been home to upload the pictures. I know I’m late, but can I still play, and post both days today?


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