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Twittering when wet

Last night I had movie night with Candice.  We watched Made of Honor.  Totally predictable, but cute.  Esp cute was Kevin McKidd.  Of course, anyone with an accent instantly has a higher swoon factor than regular talkers.

Tonight I took another epsom salt bath.  They are really helping with my excema.  Of course I have to lie in the bath on my stomach because I have no excema on my back side.  This can be awkward.  CSP came home from work to find me this way and laughed.  But he was proud that I put the home phone and my cell in a ziploc bag so they wouldn’t get wet.  I twittered from the bath.  I think I may have a problem.

5 thoughts on “Twittering when wet”

  1. Try Lye Soap! We bought some while on the big vacay in Dollywood. Has helped Will’s psoriasis and it helps my skin, too. It smells like dumplings, but it works! I picked up some for my niece at a local Tru Value Hardware store. We’ve bought it all and this is what is helping his flares the most.


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