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Family dinner

Last night CSP, Zoe and I Zoe & CSP went over to Sara’s for dinner since my father was in town.  Jake and Joey were uber cute and the weather was great.  We hung out outside for a while before dinner watching the boys ride their bikes.  Joey had a bit of trouble with his helmet. Jacob, the serious biker He says the funniest things now. At one point he dropped something (or something) and said “Aw, tarter sauce!” SO cute. Apparently that’s Spongebob for Oh Darn. After dinner Zoe supervised the boys’ bath Zoe thinks they need more bubbles then they went to bed. So did my father. At like 8 something. Don’t get me started. He just makes me so mad that he’d come all this way to visit then spend the whole time watching tv and not talking to his family. And when he did talk to me the only thing he asked about was the adoption. I filled him in and do you know what he said to me? “You know, there’s nothing wrong with NOT having children.” Then he reminded me that I am 35 years old. Ugh. I could have slapped him. Cause you know, there IS something wrong with not having children when you’ve wanted to be a mother since you were a child yourself. If he knew me at all he would have never said such a thing. Please don’t defend him or comment here that “well maybe he was just…” whatever. Just a warning that his visits usually funk me out for a good few days. Nightmares, anxiety, the works.

Anyway, he went to sleep so CSP, Sara, Marc, Zoe, and I retired to the screened in porch and hung out for a while before we came home. Zoe cuddled up with Aunt Sara I love so much that we’re all such good friends as well as family. We have a great time together.

More pics here.

6 thoughts on “Family dinner”

  1. Shannon!
    De-Lurking to say ugh! I’ve been there baby and well, you know what they say:
    “You can choose your friends, but….”
    35 is NOTHING!
    In fact, you could have pointed out that with maturity on you side, you know that you’ll be better parents. A very dignified “dis” I’d say!
    You’re such a bright and happy spirit, try to stay positive!


  2. Who says 35 is too old for anything?? You and your sister are too good for letting him visit? Can I ask why want him around if he doesn’t play with his grandkids or anything? Next time he calls tell him you want more notice and if does visit to actually spend time with you. But maybe it’s better that he spends time with the television than his family after he makes comments like that.


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