Small potatoes

Today my sister Sara & I participated in our first Arts festival. Sara at our boothShe sold her photographs and I sold my jewelry & growth charts. I was up practically all night fretting about everything. “Don’t forget this and be sure to bring this” etc. I literally got 2 hours of sleep. We arrived at our location at 7 am and got set up. Now, we weren’t official vendors in the arts fest. We bought our spaces from a girl scout troop who was selling spots in their church parking lot Here is the steeple as part of their twice a year yard sale fund raiser. It just happened to coincide with the arts fest. So we were able to set up for just $10! Woohoo!

I made a bunch of earrings and a few bracelets and put together a photo album of my growth charts. I spent an hour prepping gift boxes. I brought 500 business cards. I made a mailing list sign up sheet. I was ready. Or so I thought. Once the real arts fest started Sara walked down and looked at some of the vendors and came back laughing. They had tents and shelving and hundreds of items to choose from. She had 5 frame prints and I had a handful of jewelry! Peddling our wares I didn’t even have any professional displays, just a fun tiered server from IKEA and some bowls! Inpromptu jewelry displays
My friend Heather had a fancy tent and we were in awe of her set up. Heather in her tent knitting more cool stuff She makes amazing things. But even her booth wasn’t as fancy as some of the other vendors. Some even had electricity and took Visa! Oh well, everyone’s gotta start somewhere right?

My goal for the day was to just make my booth rental money back. And I did. And then some! I’m pretty pleased with myself! I even have an order for two custom sets of earrings & bracelets. Although I was surprised that most of my fans today seemed to be in the Hannah Montana set. Women would come over and look at my stuff and say “oooh my daughter would love this. She’s 7.” I would have a gaggle of giggling girls oohing and aahing over my earrings and their moms wouldn’t even look at stuff for themselves. Good thing I spent an hour making my first pair of chandelier earrings! Oh well, a dollar’s a dollar!

After the arts fest I went home and took a nap then met up with Christina and Jessica to paint pottery. I still have to go back and finish my piece, a spoon rest to replace the one I made my Nanny (grandmother) then broke the day I picked it up from the pottery shop. After pottery we grabbed some dinner. On my way home I noticed my friend Kim was at my friend Kimberly’s house so I went home and let the pugs out then took Zoe to Kimberly’s for a play date. Zoe played with the Kims’ daughters while the adults played the Wii. So fun. I so want one of these! Kim & I were boxing and bowling and playing baseball & tennis. Although I got a little too excited during my tennis serve and konked Kim right in the shoulder. No wonder they put wrist straps on those controllers!

9 thoughts on “Small potatoes

  1. We love our Wii! That boxing though, i’m always sore the next day. I get waaaay too in to it! I forget i’m not a real boxer!!

  2. We have a Wii. And the “Boxing” is actually like…a workout. After three rounds, I’m ready to take a break! Yikes! How fat are you when a video game makes a sweat?

  3. Awww your little jewelry stand was so cute! I love my Wii too! You should come over to our house one night and we can have a bowling competition!

  4. We haven’t been able to find a Wii. Don’t know how my bro did. But my mom likes to play the boxing one. Congrats on the booth.

  5. Noodle LOVES the bracelets you made for her!! (Sorry she is in the Hannah scene too though). She wears them everyday.

    We too love the Wii. (No pun inteneded!)

  6. I’m so glad you had some sales! (I wish I had had some 😦 ) Oh, well.
    We have a Wii too – we love it! DH and I play Guitar Hero just about every night. And that boxing sure is a workout! And how sad is it when your 4yo can actually beat you at boxing? (He just flails his arms around, but still manages to knock me out half the time!)

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