Twirly whirly scarves

I recently had a Pampered Chef party.  My consultant, Leslie, was wearing a gorgeous twirly scarf.  I asked her about it and she said she knitted it!  She showed me how she knit it up and I knew I wanted to make some for gifts.  I found the yarn at AC Moore and knit myself a practice scarf to be sure I could do it.  I’m hooked!  Here’s what the yarn looks like when you buy it:   That’s Paton’s Pirouette.  There are other brands that make similar yarns with similar results.  One skein makes one scarf.  Here’s what it looks like when you’re knitting it:    And here’s my first scarf- the finished product.    They are really bouncy and lightweight.  Perfect for chilly Spring/Fall evenings.   When I get really good at making them I may even sell some!

November Wrap Up

Well, my nails have almost all broken since the Shellac came off.  That stuff is amazing but unfortunately we aren’t rich so I can’t afford to be Shellac’ed all the time.

In other news, meet Hank.  My friend Christina has a daughter Ella.  Ella always wants to go out with us so I promised her one day we’d have Ella day.  We went to a paint your own pottery place.  That’s where I painted Hank.  I love him.  He’s going to guard our house.

In adoption news we received some bad news recently.  Some of our paperwork was misfiled by someone working on our case and it has cost us about 3 months.  Now we’re playing catch up.  We have 1 more set of fingerprints to get then we’re finally done!!!  And the matching can begin.  I’ve been checking out the websites looking for suitable nuggets but no one is jumping out at me.  I’m still convinced that our perfect kidlet is out there somewhere!

Full color creepy

I face paint at festivals and parties on occasion.  Sometimes I need an assistant.  So the other day (could have been a couple weeks ago by now) I was over at my sister Sara’s house.  She volunteered to help me face paint at an upcoming event but she wanted to practice first.  Luckily she has 2 children we can paint.   Someone had a fabulous idea of painting eyes on Jacob’s eyelids.  Then we did the same thing to Gigi.  It was incredibly creepy!!  Like they were watching us with their technicolor eyes!

Magnetic lady

While I was in the magnet making mood I decided to make a magnet out of this pretty ladybug paperweight my MIL gave me.  I can use it more as a magnet than a paperweight.  So I cut out a piece of paper and glued it to the underside of the marble.  Then glued a magnet to that.  Let it sit for 24 hours and instant magnet!

Instant keepsake

CSP’s parents recently made a trip back to Minnesota where CSP grew up.  They brought him back some of his favorite home town beer.  Old Style by Heileman’s.   He’s only drinking one every now and then to make them last.  He was looking sad about them disappearing so I thought I’d make magnets out of the caps.  I glued 2 magnets together and glued them to the inside of the cap.  Instant keepsake!

DIY tasty stache

I wanted to make fun party favors for Shannon G’s baby shower so of course I decided to try something I’ve never done before and make chocolate lollipops.  I found a mustache mold online and bought the dark chocolate melts at Party City.  I melted the chocolate in the microwave and spooned it into the molds.   Then I popped them into the freezer for about 10-15 minutes after getting the air bubbles out.   I pulled them out of the freezer and they popped out of the mold really easily.  The mustaches were a little too wide for the treat bags I bought at  Party City but CSP had a good idea.  He cut the seam of the bag and then I taped the bag around the mustache.  I added pink ribbons and voila!  Displaying the pops was a bit of a challenge.   I had planned on using long lollipop sticks but the mold required short sticks.  So I cut my sticks in half.  I was going to get some styrofoam to poke the sticks in to. But CSP came up with another good idea.  Instead of buying styrofoam that I’d only use once why not stick them in rice and cover the rice with something.  I had some of those pearlized shreds so I put those on top of the rice.  Turned out cute!  And yummy!