Pug fix

I’ve been a terrible pug bloggy mom lately.  All of my girls have had birthdays in the last 2 months.  I told you about Kiki turning 8 on December 11.  On December 24th Zoe turned 4 and on January 18th  Molly turned 6.  So in honor of my puggies here are some recent pics of them.   That’s Miss Molly watching over Zoe who’s trying out a new pug bed.   Here’s Kiki asleep with her new angel toy in her new pug bed.   And finally here’s Molly at the vet the other day, just before they pulled out the Qtip cotton bud I lost in her ear. 

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Molly is addicted to warm laundry.  That girl will seek out a pile of warm laundry no matter where it is.  I couldn’t believe when I found her like this!  She climbed up on to the sofa, then the sofa arm then climbed into the laundry basket!  It was like a kitten climbing up a tree.  She couldn’t get down!  We may need to hold an intervention!

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3 times the pug

Every Spring we take the pugs for their annual vet visit.  We’ve been going to our vet for over 12 years now!  We LOVE our vet people.  They love our pugs and really care about them.  Even still, Kiki gets nervous. Here she is hiding behind CSP’s legs: Annual Pug Vet Visit 2011  Poor thing, she looks so miserable. Annual Pug Vet Visit 2011  But they take such good care of her and Kiki got a clean bill of health (besides her allergies)!  Although now that she’s 7 she has to go twice a year.  Being a senior citizen is tough!
Then it was Molly’s turn. I love her bug eyes in this pic! Annual Pug Vet Visit 2011 She relaxed really quickly though! Annual Pug Vet Visit 2011  She’s so happy to get all that attention from her favorite vet ladies!  Molly’s in perfect health as well.  Zoe was up next. Can you tell she’s comfortable?? Annual Pug Vet Visit 2011 Just chillin like a villain!  Zoe is turning into a little woman, but she’s still got TONS of puppy in her!  While we were waiting to pay I loved the image of my giant husband sitting with 3 tiny pugs at the vet! Annual Pug Vet Visit 2011


Can you get a Nobel Peace Prize for inventing this?

Kiki is allergic to grass.  She has to take a very large pill every other day.  These pills are more expensive than any pill I take.  Getting them down her tiny, obstinate throat has been a challenge the likes of which I’ve never encountered.   We’ve tried EVERYTHING.  Hot dogs, peanut butter,  ham, tuna, turkey, cheeses of all varieties, marshmallows, basic shoving it down her throat, etc.  The problem is that the pill stinks.  So what we camouflage it with has to outstink the pill but still be small enough for her to swallow it because if she bites it it explodes and the liquid is very bitter and causes her to foam at the mouth and gag.  It’s quite a production.

I went to my Twitter and Facebook friends a while back and asked for help.  Some people (forgive me but I can’t remember to whom [who?] goes the credit) suggested Pill Pockets.  We finally found them at Petco.  As CSP says “Boy, they sure know what to charge for these!”  To which I reply “Yes, because someone tells them”.  He loves that.   We paid the painful $12 for an 8 oz bag of approximately 30 pill pockets and went home to try one out.  Lord, please let this work I prayed as I molded the pill pocket around her pill.  It seemed HUGE to me and it took her a while to get it down but SHE GOT IT DOWN.  On her own!  With no crying or cursing!   The heavens parted and the angels sang!

There have been some changes to the first pill pocket usage.  1.  Those suckers are BIG.  So now I just pull it apart and mold the stuff around her pill so she won’t have such a big thing to swallow.  Works like a charm.  Plus, at 40 cents a piece plus tax this way makes it last longer.  Kiki now actually comes running when I say the word “pill” or shake her pill bottle.  Before it was a total spy mission.  CSP would have to get the pill out of the wrapper thingy and pass it to me on the sly.  We’d have to wait an hour before she’d stop being suspicious enough to come close enough to us to give her the treat wrapped pill.  But now?  Now I want to sing the praises of the Pill Pocket!  Everyone who has to give a dog a pill should buy these things!  And Pill Pocket people?  Kiki will never not be allergic and on meds so if you’d like to comp me a few bags I’d be forever grateful!

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Someone has come between us

I caught CSP in bed with another woman.

Short.  Black hair.  Totally the opposite of me.

She was just laying there, in the crook of his arm.  Looking at me like she belonged there and I was the intruder.

Well, I wasn’t going to let her get away with snaking in on my man like that.  I pulled out my phone and snapped a couple pictures before she could move.

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Pug love is in the air

This is Kiki & Zoe cuddling on CSP’s lap.  This is monumental.  Zoe is Molly’s pet and you will often find them cuddling.  For the most part Kiki doesn’t have much to do with Zoe.  The only contact they would have would be when Kiki would try and hump Zoe and Zoe would fall over in confusion with a look on her face that clearly said “Hello!  We’re both girls!”  We’ve even had to break up a few fights between the two.  But over the last few months there’s been a change.  We’ve caught them playing a few times.  And now this!  It seems even pugs are not immune to feeling the Valentine love!