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Zoe is growing so fast! Here she is on a chair at my friend Candice’s house on April 4:Zoe loves this puppy chair And here she is on the same chair 3 weeks later on April 25: Zoe's getting so big! Puppies grow so fast it makes me wonder if they can feel it. Like if they get growing pains? I’m so glad she’s healthy and growing normally, but I’d love to keep her tiny forever.

3 thoughts on “Spurt”

  1. I have a friend who just thinks there is no other breed but Pugs. I still don’t get the attraction, but then, I like Boston Terriers, so…Yeah they grow up too quick.


  2. She is so cute. Almost makes me want a puppy! Though Loki @ 10 mos was still pretty puppy like. Don’t you just wish you could freeze time for a few?


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