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CSP vs. Social Media

When someone CSP is a little wary of friended me on Facebook this week we had the following conversation (you may remember CSP is not a fan of the WORLD WIDE WEB):

CSP:  I’m so glad I’m not on Facebook.  I’m UNPLUGGED!!!  I don’t even text!

Me:  Well that’s going to change soon when you get your new phone.  You’ll be texting then.

CSP:  Just to you and my parents.  Don’t get any ideas!  I’m not getting on Facebook and I’m not going to TWIT either!

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More free texting!

I have had a Google Voice Phone Number for a good while now, almost 2 years I think.  I love it.  We’ve used it a lot and it totally saved us when my Blackberry died in Vegas.  I was able to get on a hotel computer and text CSP’s dad using my Google voice number.  Now that I have my iPhone (replaced that Crackberry as soon as we got back to CLT with the iPhone) I use my Google Voice number to text for free.  I get 200 texts for $5 with my plan.  But with my Google Voice App I can text all I want for free!  Woot! I just sent out a message letting everyone know it’s me.  Your Google voice number is a regular phone number.  It’s a great number to have if you need to give out a contact number but you don’t want to give out a personal number. Win win!

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Techno Java

If you are a Starbucks fan you need to download the Starbucks mobile app.  It makes it so easy to reload your card and now you can even pay with your phone!  The other day CSP & I were in the drive thru at our local Starbucks.  Before we left the house I reloaded my card via the app but when I handed the card to the drive thru dude he said there wasn’t enough money on the card, the reload hadn’t gone through yet.  He asked did I have the mobile app and just scanned my phone!  So cool!  I also like how I can keep track of how many stars I’ve earned and how long til my next free drink! 

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March Hare

It’s that time again.  The first of the month brings new free wallpapers at Smashing Magazine.  I had a hard time deciding between this one:  and March Hare:  .  I chose March Hare because I couldn’t pass up the Alice in Wonderland nod mixed with shamrocks.

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Words With Friends

Words With Friends is one of the apps on my home screen.  The home screen of your iPhone is prime real estate.  Only the best of the best apps end up there.  My home page has the clock, photos, text messages, iPod, and calendar apps plus ICS (In Case of Emergency), Facebook, Dragon Search, Awesome Note, GetGlue, MapQuest, EverNote, Kik, some social apps like Twitter, Duo for iPhone, Foodspotting, Instagram, Skype;  and the main bar at the bottom which includes Mail, Phone, and Camera.

If you don’t play Words With Friends you may be wondering what about it makes it worthy to be on my home screen.  Words With Friends is basically a free Scrabble knockoff. To buy Scrabble as an app on your phone you’d pay like $5 I think.  You can play Words With Friends for free on an iPhone or Android or buy it to get rid of the adds for like $3 (I think) or you could do like I did and wait for it to go on sale for 99 cents.  Every night before I go to sleep I play my Words With Friends turns. Everyone is addicted to it.  Even Jason Bateman talked about his Words With Friends addiction on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  Anyone know his screen name?  I’d love to play him!  I have about 15-17 games going at any given time.  I play with friends and their friends.  For instance I play with my Virtual Twin Deb and her sister in law.  Her SIL kicks my arse 9 out of 10 games.  Come to think of it, Deb kicks my arse 9 out of 10 times.  But playing them has made me a better player.  I get scores now I never used to achieve.  I love how Words With Friends has a chat feature too.  Helps me keep up with my peeps.

My screen name is iShanny if you wanna play!