Just in case I didn’t have enough going on I pa…

Just in case I didn’t have enough going on

I parked my car and was walking into work this morning when I hear a crunch. I turned around and saw that this girl who works here was trying to park in the space next to mine and hit my car! My poor Jorge! His back bumper and passenger side rear fender is all scraped up with red paint all over it. Fabulous. What a way to start the day!

Beachy It’s taken me way too long to update, but …


It’s taken me way too long to update, but we’ve just been so busy packing (the house to move) and unpacking (me from the beach trip).

So- we had a fabulous time! It was great to see our family and tour around Wilmington. We didn’t get to spend much time on the beach- but that’s ok- I’m awfully white and I think I’d just burst into flames anyway. Poor Jake was asleep for his first beach experience but we photographed him anyway:

The first night Sara and I shared a room with our Grandmommy. Oh Lord was that an experience! Not an hour into sleeping we hear Grandmommy yell “Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!” in her sleep. Sara and I were sure that someone must have broken into the room and was busy killing her. We didn’t get much sleep after that.

Mom, Hale & Grandmommy headed back to SC after lunch the next day so Sara and I got a great room at this hotel: . We were right on the beach which was so nice. We could hear the waves up in our room. Plus it was nice to walk out onto this deserted beach right after breakfast (when I took this photo). We did a little shopping at Lumina Station as we were heading out of town before heading home on Friday. I got the cutest shot of Jacob while we were waiting in the hotel lobby for Sara to check out of the room: . I think we may stay there again the next time we go. The resort is at the end of the island so there are no other hotels around, leaving the beach nice and un-crowded. Now, if I can just get all the sand out of my car and the glitter from my sunscreen off my clothes! =)

Family Road Trip Mom, Sara, Jake, Hale,…

Family Road Trip

Mom, Sara, Jake, Hale, Grandmommy, and I are hitting the road in the morning to spend a few days in Wilmington visiting my Uncle, Aunt, and their 3 kids. This should be fun. Grandmommy doesn’t like to spend too much time away from home so this may be a short trip. I’m hoping to stop in to the bead stores there. I’m so addicted. You know, I think the last time we were all on vacation together I was about 8 and we drove with my Aunt & Grandaddy in the RV to my great grandma’s funeral in Missouri. In the winter. I’m sure I’ll come home with some interesting stories!

Mini Condiments= Mini Fortune? The other day J…

Mini Condiments= Mini Fortune?

The other day Jenny posted about mini ketchup bottles and how they’re selling on Ebay for $17! I told Jon and he appears again a moment later with the same little ketchup bottle accompanied by a mini mustard jar & mayonnaise jar that we saved from our honeymoon. I love anything mini so naturally I stashed them in my bag as soon as room service left. I find it amusing that the seller on Ebay is claiming these are so scarce- they’re in abundance at the Paris Las Vegas! So I put up our set of mini condiments on Ebay- we’ll see what happens!

Not even on the map

Friday Jon and I ran some errands, did some shopping (new sandals at Kohl’s for just $9!) then got a lot of packing done. Our kitty Nimbus helped out:

Saturday we drove out to Asheville to meet up with Emily and Hip. It’s a very pretty drive, with tunnels! We stopped at Blue Moon Bakery for coffee (for Jon) and some great Chai (for me) before meeting up with Em & Hip. We also bought some amazing peasant bread to take home. At this point we’re only a few minutes away from Emily & Hip’s yet we somehow manage to get lost and end up almost at the Tennessee border!! We pulled over to finally consult a map and Jon says “We’re not even on the map anymore! We’re way the #@*% over here!” Thank the Lord for cell phones. We finally ended up at E & H’s apartment almost 2 hours after we first got to town! We had a great lunch and walked around the downtown area hitting a few bead stores, galleries, gift shops, and the Grove Arcade. Asheville is such a pretty town. The weather was just great and it was so fun strolling around. The architecture is so beautiful and it’s just fun to be able to park and walk all around the town. We really loved the bead stores too. Chevron Beads is huge! Easily 4 times the size of the bead stores here. Such a great selection! I stayed within budget though. Although I did splurge on a mandrel I found at the 2nd bead store. It was only $8 though so that’s not bad. On the trip home I used it to make 2 rings in the car. I’m so excited I know how to make rings now!

It was so good to see Emily & Hip again. We’re really sad that they’re moving back north. It’s rare to find a couple where you all get along and like each other and have things in common. Hopefully they’ll come visit us one more time before they go.

Sunday we packed some more and had dinner with my Mom & Hale. Then I posted some things on Ebay. Moving sale! Check it out! More to come, I just got too sleepy last night listing things. I’ll list more next week.

Tidbits *Photoblog your life on September 11….


*Photoblog your life on September 11. This looks interesting. I’m going to be too busy with moving to take part in the 26 things project, but I’ll bet I can swing this one. Anyone else doing this?

* What is the deal with KFC selling boneless wings? Aren’t they essentially chicken strips? Call a spade a spade why don’t ya?

* Saturday we’re going to Asheville to visit Emily & Hip & all of their cities’ cool bead stores. Jon is thrilled to spend a Saturday watching me pick out beads of course. At least Hip will be there to provide some manly company. Apparently there’s a cigar store that the boys can check out. I’m so excited- Asheville has around 7-8 bead stores I’d like to check out vs. the 3-4 in our area.

* I got my tea swap package last night! So excited by the variety! Teas I’ve never heard of. I can’t wait to try them all. Thanks to Stef for organizing the swap!

* When I came into work Monday morning there was a present for me on my desk. So nice! My friend Jade had seen Caress shimmering body lotion out and thought of me so she picked it up. It’s very nice, keeps my legs smooth all day, but it doesn’t have as much shimmer or sparkle as I would like. But it’s great for work. Understated and subtle.

*Speaking of lotions, why is it that the face moisturizer I picked up at Winn Dixie in the mountains because I forgot my Clinique works better than Dramatically different moisturizing lotion ever did?!? I don’t get shiny during the day, it absorbs quickly and leaves my skin smooth, soft, and not greasy. Yay for the $3.99 Ponds Dry Skin Cream!!

Shiver me timbers! The good news: Pirates of…

Shiver me timbers!

The good news: Pirates of the Caribbean is in theatres! I love pirates, always have, and can not wait to see this! Pirates of the Caribbean has always been one of my favorite rides at Disney. I heard this morning on the radio that some feminists groups made Disney remove the part of the ride where a drunk pirate is chasing a woman. While I’m all for equality and not portraying women in a demeaning way (I am one after all), let’s just remember that these are pirates, not preachers that we’re talking about here. Ah well, enough of that. I hear Johnny Depp’s performance is just amazing and bizarre and I can’t wait!

The bad news: Our new home inspection was this morning and apparently there is some big drainage/rotting wood problem with the deck where it meets the house. And they have to replace 4 windows. If they fix it we’ll be fine. But it’s a question of will they fix it. We can’t afford to fix it ourselves. I hope they’ll fix it, because I really want this house! I’ll cry I swear if we can’t have it. It’s perfect. I’ve already started addressing moving announcements for Pete’s sake! So keep your fingers crossed for us!