We have more fun Today is National Blonde Day! S…

We have more fun

Today is National Blonde Day! So go out and hug your favorite blonde. I had no idea that such a day even existed. Thanks to Nicole for the heads up! I love the Blonde Legal Defense Club’s mission: To stop the widespread belief that blondes are dumb and incapable. There’s more to it, but you get the picture. I’m a natural blonde and I have noticed that our numbers are shrinking. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older. The older you get the darker your blonde gets. Now I have to be chemically enhanced a bit in the winter to keep up my blonde. Sigh, it’s so involved being me! Ha!

So I have no time for all this work I’m stuck here doing. I need to be at home finishing up my prep for Rachel & Brian’s visit tomorrow. I’m so ready for this holiday. I swear I think I enjoy the prep almost as much as the event. I’m all about making lists and menus and planning activities. Maybe I was a cruise director in my past life!

…and the hunt ends! Talk about a whirlwhind…

…and the hunt ends!

Talk about a whirlwhind weekend of house hunting! Friday we looked at 53,000 houses. Well, that’s what it felt like. It was more like 18. Now keep in mind we’ve been looking all along while our house has been on the market so we narrowed down our search to 2 neighborhoods. We knew exactly what we wanted. So we looked all day and came up with our top 3. Then we revisited those. I’m taking pictures like crazy and J’s making notes everywhere. We went home and talked it over and decided on one.

So Saturday we called our realtor and he came over and left about 1 ish with our offer. He called me back at about 5:30 with some news. Guess what?! They accepted our offer with no changes! We can’t believe it! So in just about 24 hours we found, offered to purchase, and bought a house! We totally feel like those people on House Hunters.

So, the house. It’s 2 stories with 3 bedrooms, a bonus, 2 & 1/2 baths, 2350 sq feet, 2 car garage (a garage! woohoo! no more switching out cars because we’re blocking each other in the driveway), hardwood floors downstairs (in the entry, living room, dining room & 1/2 bath), big master bedroom with bay window & garden tub (hurrah!), vaulted ceiling in the den, large kitchen with breakfast nook & island (i’ve always wanted an island!), lots of crown moldings, big deck that wraps around the back of the house, and the property is on a small lake, so we have great views! I’m just so excited I can’t stand it! Now, the kitchen has icky blue countertops that we’ll have to replace one day, and awful blue carpeting upstairs that’s definitely seen better days that will have to go too. And the current owner loves stencils so much that she stencilled literally every wall with ivy, leaves, little chairs, plants, flowers, everything. So lots of painting will be done. But it will all be worth it!

Here’s the house from the street: Click here for a close up.

And here’s the view from the deck: Click here for a close up. We can’t wait to have dinner out on the deck!

Doughnuts and Chickens The other night J wanted m…

Doughnuts and Chickens

The other night J wanted me to try Krispy Kreme’s new featured doughnut. It’s Key Lime. Very good. J raved about it, calling it “refreshing!”. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a deep fried ball of dough described as “refreshing”. Funny boy.

So now that we’re moving back to SC I’m thinking I’d like to add to our menagerie. I’ve always wanted a little goat named Petey. But I’m thinking a couple of chickens would be fun too. I’d like 3-4, not too many. Maybe just 2. I like these: They’re Buff Brahma Bantams. I love that name too. You can get them here for like $3 a piece! And apparently chickens are the hip new pet. Maybe I’ll start a new trend with my goat! Can’t you see Petey in a sparkly little collar? =)

On houses, birthdays, wishes, and babies The i…

On houses, birthdays, wishes, and babies

The inspection of our house is tomorrow. Once that’s done and the buyer’s financing is finalized on the 30th then it’s set in stone. Yay! So hopefully the inspector will deem our house livable and not have a list a mile long that will make the buyers change their minds and back out. J’s really good about keeping it in good working condition though, so I’m sure we’ll be fine.

The only down side to all this house buying is that it’s mucking up our vacation plans. We took off the first week of August to go to Baltimore to visit Rachel & Brian, meet Lisa & Greg, go to a couple O’s games while they’re playing the Twins (J’s a big Twins Fan) and visit a couple Ikeas. But now we’ll have to use that week to move. My birthday is August 3rd and this year I’m turning 30 so I was really looking forward to a nice, long, relaxing vacation. But I guess a new house is not too shabby when it comes to birthday presents! =) Speaking of presents, I finally sat down and created an Amazon wish list. I’m so bad at coming up with gift ideas for myself and people always ask what do I want? So if a generous millionaire is reading this and would like to send presents to a stranger then click here! *This list is also helpful for sisters who need to pass on to mothers what to buy for their first born. =) I feel so greedy even posting this. Honestly, all I want for my birthday is a fun night of board games, cocktails, and laughter with my friends and family. Well that and a baby. But unfortunately for us, even after trying for a year and 4 months so far, it’s not as easy to have a baby as it is to create a wish list. At least I can hope for the board game edition of Family Feud.

Some of you have asked about where we’re moving. …

Some of you have asked about where we’re moving. We’re looking at 2 neighborhoods in a small town just south of here. It’s just over the state line, yet only 5 minutes away. What that means is lower property taxes and we can just about double the size of our house without our mortage payment increasing by tii much thanks to lower interest rates and less inflated housing costs. We’re getting in to this town just before it really takes off I can tell. I know some of you are thinking it’s crazy to move just 16 months after buying our first home, but rates have dropped by 2% and doesn’t it just make sense to go ahead and buy the big house now instead of in 5 years as originally planned and pay 2% more in interest? I’m going to miss our sweet little house. We’ve put a lot into it. And it has the coolest back yard and den/kitchen ever. But we can’t fit more than 1 child in the house we have now and I’d like at least 2.

J’s been bringing home boxes and we’ve been trying to use all the food in the cupboards and freezer before we move and buying as little as possible. This is making for some interesting meals. And I’m sure there’s more to come! Last night I made spaghetti, but we were out of spaghetti pasta so it was spaghetti sauce with a little penne and some elbow macaroni. I wonder what he’ll think of my cooking when we get down to eating broccoli, hamburger patties, tortillas, and popsicles for dinner?

This weekend went by entirely too fast. I got a l…

This weekend went by entirely too fast. I got a lot done though. I worked Saturday then went on a mini shopping spree to get ready for the upcoming 4th of July events and also the tea swap. Nothing like waiting til the last minute. We’ve just been so busy with work and house stuff. I picked up supplies at Costco, tea & a great star shaped bowl from World Market, then a badminton & volleyball kit from Target, and a mini margarita candle at Hallmark. I just love that limey scent. Although it will probably just get packed up soon. J keeps telling me to stop bringing stuff into the house “I just have to pack it!”. But I promise to weed out a bunch of stuff too. In fact, I put a bunch of stuff up on Ebay yesterday.

Yesterday my mom and I did some drive by’s to check out a bunch of houses. We found quite a few that we’ll be checking out on Friday. It’s going to be a marathon house hunting day. We have to be under contract by July 1st! Yikes!