Shiver me timbers! The good news: Pirates of…

Shiver me timbers!

The good news: Pirates of the Caribbean is in theatres! I love pirates, always have, and can not wait to see this! Pirates of the Caribbean has always been one of my favorite rides at Disney. I heard this morning on the radio that some feminists groups made Disney remove the part of the ride where a drunk pirate is chasing a woman. While I’m all for equality and not portraying women in a demeaning way (I am one after all), let’s just remember that these are pirates, not preachers that we’re talking about here. Ah well, enough of that. I hear Johnny Depp’s performance is just amazing and bizarre and I can’t wait!

The bad news: Our new home inspection was this morning and apparently there is some big drainage/rotting wood problem with the deck where it meets the house. And they have to replace 4 windows. If they fix it we’ll be fine. But it’s a question of will they fix it. We can’t afford to fix it ourselves. I hope they’ll fix it, because I really want this house! I’ll cry I swear if we can’t have it. It’s perfect. I’ve already started addressing moving announcements for Pete’s sake! So keep your fingers crossed for us!