And a bottle of Rum Yesterday afternoon Jon an…

And a bottle of Rum

Yesterday afternoon Jon and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. It was so great! Even Jon said it was great and usually even if he likes a movie I’ll only get a “pretty good” or “alright” out of him. It was really clever and funny with lots of good action. Johnny Depp was just incredible as Cap’n Jack. The whole cast is great really. But he makes this movie. And it was hilarious! I laughed out loud a lot. I’m not one to hold back.

On the way out of the theatre these teenagers who had been sitting behind us were now in front of us in the hallway. One boy says to his friends “So what did you think?” Another boy says “Man, that lady in front of us (me!!) was crazy!” The 1st boy says, “Yeah, but she had a great laugh!”

I’m the crazy lady in the next row! I can’t believe I’ve graduated from fun loving girl to crazy laughing movie lady! So funny! Next thing you know we’ll be that weird couple down the street all the neighborhood kids dare each other to go talk to!