Beachy It’s taken me way too long to update, but …


It’s taken me way too long to update, but we’ve just been so busy packing (the house to move) and unpacking (me from the beach trip).

So- we had a fabulous time! It was great to see our family and tour around Wilmington. We didn’t get to spend much time on the beach- but that’s ok- I’m awfully white and I think I’d just burst into flames anyway. Poor Jake was asleep for his first beach experience but we photographed him anyway:

The first night Sara and I shared a room with our Grandmommy. Oh Lord was that an experience! Not an hour into sleeping we hear Grandmommy yell “Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!” in her sleep. Sara and I were sure that someone must have broken into the room and was busy killing her. We didn’t get much sleep after that.

Mom, Hale & Grandmommy headed back to SC after lunch the next day so Sara and I got a great room at this hotel: . We were right on the beach which was so nice. We could hear the waves up in our room. Plus it was nice to walk out onto this deserted beach right after breakfast (when I took this photo). We did a little shopping at Lumina Station as we were heading out of town before heading home on Friday. I got the cutest shot of Jacob while we were waiting in the hotel lobby for Sara to check out of the room: . I think we may stay there again the next time we go. The resort is at the end of the island so there are no other hotels around, leaving the beach nice and un-crowded. Now, if I can just get all the sand out of my car and the glitter from my sunscreen off my clothes! =)