Independence Weekend Recap Too much fun! …

Independence Weekend Recap

Too much fun! I’m worn out from it all. But in a good way. So much to tell, I’m sure I’ll forget to mention some things. Rachel & Brian left this morning for home. They should be pulling in to Baltimore at around 3pm.

While they were here in town we toured all around the town, stopping to shop in some cute little stores, especially places they don’t have back home like DI Central, World Market, and Bead Lush. We lunched at Jack Mason’s & The Penguin– fun, hipster hangouts. We had fried dill pickles at the Penguin, a first for Rachel & Brian. They were so good! We had dinner at my house Tuesday night & at my Mom’s Wednesday night where Hale told us stories about his golf outing the previous week that had us rolling!

Thursday afternoon we headed up to the mountain house. We got settled in and went to dinner at Macados. Friday morning Emily & Hip, then my Mom, Hale, Morgan & her friend Linda joined us. Full house! We went to Tennessee (State Line Fireworks) to pick up fireworks for that evening. Then we toured through the Mast Store and all the fun shops in Boone before heading back to the house for the best low country shrimp boil ever. Mounds of shrimp, potatoes & corn heaped in big bowls in the middle of the dining room table. So fun & messy with such good company & great stories from Hale. After dinner we shot off all our fireworks. I’ve got some great pictures I’ll post tonight after work.

We came back in and played hands down the most fun game of Cranium I’ve ever been a part of. I swear I laughed so hard I thought I’d have an a heart attack. Highlights include:

* Brian drawing what looked to be a boot and pointing at it with Rachel guessing “Razor Burn! Exzema! Psoriasis!” when the answer was shin splints.

*Brian sculpting a man and poking him with his fingers with Rachel shouting “Jesus! Stigmata!” when in fact it was a body builder with washboard abs.

*Emily trying to get Hip to guess Mae West and hearing Hip say “All I could hear was you saying ‘I’m an actress…’ Why wouldn’t you say ‘Come on up and see me??’ ”

*Hip guessing sarcophagus when Emily was sculpting what looked to be King Tut but was actually a camper in a tent. Somehow I don’t think ‘sarcophagus ‘ is a word the Cranium people would have included for the general public to guess. So funny!

Hip made the best apple pie, Emily brought the most awesome ginger snap cookies & coleslaw (I want the recipes!) and all of it was devoured with gusto.

Saturday we went into Blowing Rock for some shopping and a parade. It was so packed with people (crazy tourists!) but that sure didn’t stop the rain from pouring down! Those paraders were troopers though, clogging and waving and riding their bikes & horses through the rain. We managed to duck into Neaco for some cute things then we made our getaway. Jon had gone to park the car and got caught in the traffic so 7 of us had to pile in Hale’s car. Good thing we like each other since we were squished up like a clown car! We got out of Blowing Rock just in time, some weird movie effect fog rolled in as if on cue.

After the weather cleared up we played some cutthroat croquet & badminton (so fun!) then went out for dinner. Sunday we had breakfast at the famous Mountain House restaurant then packed up to head home. While vacuuming the house I apparently rolled over and sucked up a little puppy poopie and spread it all around the downstairs! I’m a poop spreader! Ew! Sunday night we had dinner at the house and watched some Family Guy on dvd. It was good to relax after such an eventful few days. Then this morning they hit the road home. Now it’s time for us to start packing up the house! Oh to be back in the mountains… It was so good to spend some time with Emily & Hip & Rachel & Brian & of course my family and the pups! Stay tuned, pics to come!

*See- I knew I’d forget something. Saturday night Rachel made us all fabulous bubble tea! So good, so fun! I love bubble tea and you just can’t get it down here. So that was quite a treat.

And we visited Sara & Jake too. He’s such a cute buddha baby!

I’m sure there’s more, but my brain’s busy trying to get used to work again.