Bittersweet I’m so sad. Today is the last day I’…


I’m so sad. Today is the last day I’ll be working with my team leader. He’s retiring and his last day is Saturday. I’m off the rest of the week though so today is my last day with him. He’s so great to work for. Very laid back, treats us all like adults instead of micromanaging like some managers can do. Plus he’s funny and his wife makes amazing lemon squares! We were trying to come up with a good gift for him when it hit me: a hammock! The perfect retirement accessory. Plus, he has a beach house, and does he really need another engraved plaque or crystal clock? We’re having a roast in his honor at our meeting today. He will be missed.

I’m so excited! Brian & Rachel are arriving today with Miss Violet in tow. They should get in around 2. We’re going to hang out, have my famous lasagne for dinner then go see our new house. It will be the last time I see it before closing so I need to take lots of pictures. I’ve got furniture planning and Ikea list making to do! When we move we’re hitting the road for Ikea as soon as we unload the truck. We might as well while we have the truck. No sense paying to rent another one later on. I’m so excited! We’re getting a new sofa & chair (the one we currently use is literally older than me), and maybe a new dining room table & chairs. Excluding our office & bedroom furniture & bistro table, all of our furniture has been handed down from family. It will be nice to have some pieces of our own. We feel so adult.