Tidbits *Photoblog your life on September 11….


*Photoblog your life on September 11. This looks interesting. I’m going to be too busy with moving to take part in the 26 things project, but I’ll bet I can swing this one. Anyone else doing this?

* What is the deal with KFC selling boneless wings? Aren’t they essentially chicken strips? Call a spade a spade why don’t ya?

* Saturday we’re going to Asheville to visit Emily & Hip & all of their cities’ cool bead stores. Jon is thrilled to spend a Saturday watching me pick out beads of course. At least Hip will be there to provide some manly company. Apparently there’s a cigar store that the boys can check out. I’m so excited- Asheville has around 7-8 bead stores I’d like to check out vs. the 3-4 in our area.

* I got my tea swap package last night! So excited by the variety! Teas I’ve never heard of. I can’t wait to try them all. Thanks to Stef for organizing the swap!

* When I came into work Monday morning there was a present for me on my desk. So nice! My friend Jade had seen Caress shimmering body lotion out and thought of me so she picked it up. It’s very nice, keeps my legs smooth all day, but it doesn’t have as much shimmer or sparkle as I would like. But it’s great for work. Understated and subtle.

*Speaking of lotions, why is it that the face moisturizer I picked up at Winn Dixie in the mountains because I forgot my Clinique works better than Dramatically different moisturizing lotion ever did?!? I don’t get shiny during the day, it absorbs quickly and leaves my skin smooth, soft, and not greasy. Yay for the $3.99 Ponds Dry Skin Cream!!