Magnetic lady

While I was in the magnet making mood I decided to make a magnet out of this pretty ladybug paperweight my MIL gave me.  I can use it more as a magnet than a paperweight.  So I cut out a piece of paper and glued it to the underside of the marble.  Then glued a magnet to that.  Let it sit for 24 hours and instant magnet!


Adoption update

We had our office visit on Monday.  It was required for our licensing.  During the visit we learned something that is kind of a bummer.  We have to be chosen by the child(ren)’s social worker.  Which makes sense.  I guess my brain just never made the connection.  So basically once our home study is complete then we can be matched with a child or sibling group.  Then their social worker decides if we are a match.  Yet another hurdle but one we know is for the best.  All we have left now is for our fingerprints to come back (waiting on the state for that) and one last home visit.  Then the official wait begins!


Instant keepsake

CSP’s parents recently made a trip back to Minnesota where CSP grew up.  They brought him back some of his favorite home town beer.  Old Style by Heileman’s.   He’s only drinking one every now and then to make them last.  He was looking sad about them disappearing so I thought I’d make magnets out of the caps.  I glued 2 magnets together and glued them to the inside of the cap.  Instant keepsake!


In-laws and birthday parties

Ok, so for those of you who have in-laws that don’t spend any time in the same areas that your parents are, what do you do about your kid(s)’  birthday parties?  Have 2?  One for each set of parents?  Or just have one and if one set of parents doesn’t show then tough cookies?


In-laws & outlaws

CSP & I had to write autobiographies for our adoption home study.  There were lots of questions to answer about our families.  One question CSP & I debated about.  It asked about our in-law relationships.  If they get along etc.   CSP thinks that it is a rarity for both sets of parents to come together after a wedding and be social with each other.  I know lots of couples whose parents all get together at birthday parties etc and get along very well.  Our parents live an hour apart so they don’t really see each other.  So settle this for us.  If you are married or committed, do both sets of parents socialize together at holidays and events?  Or do they never see each other?

frugal, shopping

Cheaper peepers

I have been wanting a new pair of glasses for a while.  My old pair (just a year old so not old old really) are pretty beat up already thanks to Zoe.  So I looked around online and found the site Eye Buy Direct.  I know there is that one site that has like $6 glasses but I’ve heard it can take weeks to get your glasses and that made me nervous.  Eye Buy Direct has glasses for less than $10 too and they ship much more quickly.  They have one of those things where you can upload a pic of yourself and try on glasses before you buy.  I found a cute pair of basic blacks.  Well, there are little stars on the side and they are far more subtle than I thought they’d be.  CSP said “Well, you aren’t 5 after all so I think subtle is good.”  Punk.  After I put in my Rx and chose all the non glare coatings etc, my total including shipping was only $37!  They came within a week.    Please forgive the quickie web cam pic.  I started shopping at Ebates so I got 7% back.  And if you use this code IF8TLMVGGD
then you’ll get 15% off your purchase!  Woot!   If we have some extra money left on our FSA card I have my eye on a couple more pairs.  Hey, glasses are accessories too!

beauty ho, shopping

Ah, sugar sugar

I am so excited!  Ok, so we have these fabulous neighbors who are always doing sweet things for us.  I was trying to think of a way to thank them when my mom, Gigi, suggested that I buy them a Scentsy plug in.  So I contacted Maryann, my Scentsy hookup, and placed an order.  I took the opportunity to order a couple of wax bars for my own warmers since I was placing an order.  I liked the description of the scent called Sugar: Fruity blend of lemon drops and cotton candy.  Who doesn’t like cotton candy?  I was thinking that the description sounded kind of familiar.  Then when my package arrived I smelled the Sugar bar and about died.  It smells almost exactly like my favorite perfume Pink Sugar by Aquolina!  I mean I LOOOOVE this perfume.  I can barely stand myself when I wear it.  I’m so excited!  Now my bathroom and bedroom smell all Sugary!

csp, shopping

Making a statement

I’ve been looking for a good, wide brimmed straw hat to take on our cruise.  I burn like paper to a flame the moment I walk outside  no matter the level of SPF on my skin so a big hat is necessary when going to the beach.  I wasn’t happy with last summer’s hat (not enough coverage) so that’s why I’m looking for a new one.  I told CSP about my search and he said “We have one at work that might work.”  CSP is a grocery store manager and they often sell general merchandise so I said bring it home!   He did.  I didn’t realize he meant he had a hat from a CINCO DE MAYO DISPLAY!!!   Yeah, that’s a bright yellow and blue sombrero with tassels.  But let me tell you something, it provides nice coverage!  I wore it to the first pool party at Papa & Gigi’s house and it worked really well (even though I got lots of strange looks).  That bad boy is going on the cruise!

csp, married life

Making an example

We’ve been having a problem lately with those ginormous mosquitoes getting into the house and dive bombing us.  That leads to me having horrible dreams of them crawling into my mouth and ears.  So CSP has been waging his own personal war against them.  The other night I heard him fighting with one then came in to see this up near where the vaulted ceiling begins (too high for me to get to).   So I said What the hell is that?

He’s an example to the others. 

I’m pretty sure these are simple creatures.  I don’t think they are out there basing their decision to enter our home on their friend’s death.

I’m not taking any chances.