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People, please!

I haz a grumpy.  I’m so annoyed lately with some basic 5th grade grammatical errors that I’m seeing around the interwebs.   I don’t ask for much, people.  I just ask that you please remember a few things:

  • You lose your keys.  Your sister is loose.
  • Aldi and Best Buy do not have the letter ‘S’ at the end of their names. Check the sign if you don’t believe me.  You don’t go to Aldi’s and Best Buy’s.
  • The plural of book is books.  Not book’s.  (that one is a real stickler for me)
  • There are no books.  There is no book.  Please don’t say “there is no books”.

That’s it for right now.  See, I told you I don’t ask for much!