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Making a statement

I’ve been looking for a good, wide brimmed straw hat to take on our cruise.  I burn like paper to a flame the moment I walk outside  no matter the level of SPF on my skin so a big hat is necessary when going to the beach.  I wasn’t happy with last summer’s hat (not enough coverage) so that’s why I’m looking for a new one.  I told CSP about my search and he said “We have one at work that might work.”  CSP is a grocery store manager and they often sell general merchandise so I said bring it home!   He did.  I didn’t realize he meant he had a hat from a CINCO DE MAYO DISPLAY!!!   Yeah, that’s a bright yellow and blue sombrero with tassels.  But let me tell you something, it provides nice coverage!  I wore it to the first pool party at Papa & Gigi’s house and it worked really well (even though I got lots of strange looks).  That bad boy is going on the cruise!