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Little big of a brag

I read of Couponing to Disney how she writes to 5 different companies a day and they send her coupons.  So I tried it.  I emailed Dial about their soap.  CSP will only use white Dial soap.  Sure enough a couple days go by and look!  6 coupons arrived in the mail!  And not just for Dial, but for Purex and Soft Scrub too! 


I’ve graduated

So I’ve been couponing for a few months now.  I started in early Spring and organized my coupons in a little accordion/check file like this:   It worked great for me for a while.  But the longer you coupon the more coupons you acquire.  Every time I’d go shopping I’d make a list and pull the coupons I’d need and put them in a plastic baggie labeled with the store name.  This was fine until I’d get in the store and see something that wasn’t on my list.  Maybe an unadvertised sale or something. Then the shuffle would begin.  I’d have to pull out the stack of coupons and shuffle through them until I’d find the one I wanted.  Pain in the tookus and a time waster.

So I finally graduated.  I found a zippered binder (zippered so the coupons won’t fall out) kind of like this one at Target.  Then I ordered 2 sizes of baseball card sleeves from Amazon.  Even though I had to order 100 pages of each size it was a MUCH better deal than buying them 20 or so at a time from the store.   I ordered the standard 9 a page sleeve and also a 3 a page sleeve that holds 4×6 items for the larger coupons.  I also bought standard tabbed dividers.  I  didn’t go fancy with my dividers because I wasn’t sure how many I’d need.  These are just write on tabs.  Works just fine.

It took a while but with Susan’s help I came up with a list of categories.  I separated my coupons into Food and Non Food,labeled my tabs, then loaded up my binder.  I made a table of contents with an extra tab divider.    It’s SO much easier for me to find coupons now.   And cleaning out the expired coupons is so easy too because I can see the expiration date right there through the sleeve.  If you get a binder I suggest getting one with an accordion file at the front like mine.    I keep restaurant coupons in the front pocket and store ads in the other pockets.  Makes it easy when I’m at CVS to be able to pull out the ad and see exactly what’s on sale without having to hunt the ad down in the store.

Yes, the binder is big and heavy and a PITA to carry.  BUT, I just put it in my reusable grocery bag.  When I get my buggy I put my purse in the kid seat then open my binder over my purse.  There are pockets in my binder for pens, my lists, etc.  And CSP is happy because my purse is hidden from prowling burglars.   The binder’s bulk is the only drawback.  I LOVE it.  There’s a pocket in the back where I keep my little store baggies with the coupons I’m going to use on that trip.  And now if I need an additional coupon in store it takes seconds to find instead of minutes.  I feel like a pro!


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Farmer’s Wife

CSP fancies himself a farmer.  He bought a few tomato plants from the clearance section for 75 cents a piece.  They started out looking like this: The beginnings of our tomato empire.  He had 3 in that planter.  They grew quickly so he transplanted them to big pots we picked up at IKEA for just $6 each. DSC_5059 They are doing so well. Look! Is that a little tomato I see there? We've got a mater!  CSP is so proud!  He visits his plants every night and gives them a good water.  He keeps telling me “I’m a farmer!  I’m making tomatoes!”



Even though I’ve been out of school for a million years the school year still sort of defines my year.  I just don’t see Christmas as the end of a year.  Maybe it’s because when the kids go back to school it’s the beginning of my favorite season.    I don’t know.  This time of year always reminds me of my senior year in high school.  Going up to the lake on skip day (if you didn’t miss any school days & you had good grades you didn’t have to take your exams so you could skip a day or two.  Can’t remember how many).  Taking the SAT exam.  I took mine just one time, the morning after a fun night out and without the help of an SAT tutor.   I still scored pretty well, thank goodness.  Graduation.  Prom.  All the prom themed tv shows are certainly bringing back memories.  When I was getting my hair done last time there was a boy there getting his prom haircut and eyebrow wax.  Boys in my day certainly didn’t do any manscaping!  I tell ya, how great would it be to go back and have that feeling of practically zero responsibility and your biggest worry is what you’re going to wear to prom or how you’ll score on the SAT?  Sigh.

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Talk derby to me

Charlotte Roller Girls
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I attended the season opener double header of the Charlotte Roller Girls.  It was a lot of fun!  Ever since I went to a bout last season with Christina, Gigi & Momo & Michelle have been wanting to go.  So I treated them for Gigi’s Mother’s Day present (Gigi & Momo- Michelle was on her own. 🙂 ).  First we met up with my friends Michelle and Lynda at the wonderful Crepe Cellar in NoDa.  Lynda’s cousins are the chef and pastry chef there!  They were so sweet and sent out an order of their Brie Pesto Fries  and Chili Shrimp  as appetizers.  SO YUMMY!  We noshed on those then ordered our dessert crepes.  Gigi and I both ordered the mascarpone and berries crepe and Momo ordered the Bananas Foster crepe. O.M.G.    I can’t even tell you how good they are.  I want one now.  I want one every single day.   We all had a great time enjoying our meal then we set out to the Grady Cole Center for the Derby!

Even with getting there right after they opened the doors it was still a challenge finding seats together.  It’s just so popular and sells out right away!  It really is a good entertainment value.  Only $10 a ticket for 4 hours of derby!  You pay $10 to see a 2 hour movie!  We got in and found seats and the action began.    Click to enlarge.  I love their cute little outfits.  Frilly skirts, fishnets, etc.    The halftime entertainment was this adorable band called School of Rock.  They were all teenagers and they could jam!  At one point one of the singers was this 17 year old boy.  His mom was sitting next to me.  He said “This one’s for the ladies” and sang “Let’s Get it On”!  In front of his mom!  So funny!  He was great though.

We all had a really fun time.  Michelle and Lynda left a little early to beat the traffic but that meant they missed the proposal!  I wish I’d still had my camera out!  One of the referees proposed to one of the skaters.  So sweet!   We left after that and stopped by IHOP for some late night grub before heading home.  You should check in your city and see if you have a roller derby!   Those girls are tough.  Like Nascar with no cars.  And on skates.  And girl in skirts.  Just go.