Adoption update

We had our office visit on Monday.  It was required for our licensing.  During the visit we learned something that is kind of a bummer.  We have to be chosen by the child(ren)’s social worker.  Which makes sense.  I guess my brain just never made the connection.  So basically once our home study is complete then we can be matched with a child or sibling group.  Then their social worker decides if we are a match.  Yet another hurdle but one we know is for the best.  All we have left now is for our fingerprints to come back (waiting on the state for that) and one last home visit.  Then the official wait begins!

3 thoughts on “Adoption update”

  1. we need our CPR class and then a follow up home visit to make sure we did the things that were missing in our home. (evacuation map, emergency numbers posted, home phone line).

    I am so excited for you guys and slightly terrified for us! haha.


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