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Cheaper peepers

I have been wanting a new pair of glasses for a while.  My old pair (just a year old so not old old really) are pretty beat up already thanks to Zoe.  So I looked around online and found the site Eye Buy Direct.  I know there is that one site that has like $6 glasses but I’ve heard it can take weeks to get your glasses and that made me nervous.  Eye Buy Direct has glasses for less than $10 too and they ship much more quickly.  They have one of those things where you can upload a pic of yourself and try on glasses before you buy.  I found a cute pair of basic blacks.  Well, there are little stars on the side and they are far more subtle than I thought they’d be.  CSP said “Well, you aren’t 5 after all so I think subtle is good.”  Punk.  After I put in my Rx and chose all the non glare coatings etc, my total including shipping was only $37!  They came within a week.    Please forgive the quickie web cam pic.  I started shopping at Ebates so I got 7% back.  And if you use this code IF8TLMVGGD
then you’ll get 15% off your purchase!  Woot!   If we have some extra money left on our FSA card I have my eye on a couple more pairs.  Hey, glasses are accessories too!

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