Where I find out definitively that I would be NO good in a hostage situation

The last time I was visiting Shannon, Em, & Mustachio something horrible happened on the way home.  When I pulled into their neighborhood my gas light came on.  As I was leaving I asked Shannon where was the closest gas station.  She gave me directions and I was on my way.  It was about 10:30 pm.  The gas station was new and well lit.  Lots of people were doing business.  I filled up the truck and went inside for a drink.  I was in line behind one other customer when the bad thing happened.   Continue reading

Might want to work on your technique there, Sweetie.

Zoe loves to carry empty pudding cups around.You’d think after two and a half years on this earth that Zoe would be able to figure out a way to carry her toys.  She LOVES empty cups (this is a pudding cup). But she carries them in such a way that her eyes are covered.  She runs into things when she carries them around.  Kills me. So fun to watch!

Guinea pig

The other night I went over to Casa de Mustachio for dinner & visiting.  We ate FABULOUS Thai food for dinner from a local place (Em’s a champ at eating Thai- that’s awesome for a 3 year old!) then Em did some modeling for me.  She showed me her Princess Tiana Halloween costume. IMG_1639 Check out these super fly shoes! Emily's super fly glass slippers! The heels light up!  I wish they came in my size.  She looks so beautiful in her Tiana gown! Shannon is going to be my assistant at a school festival soon where I’m face painting so we thought we’d practice a little on Emily before Shannon’s professional face painting debut.  Emily LOVED being our little guinea pig.  It didn’t hurt that I brought her a new set of Silly Bandz to bribe her a little.  Our facepainting guinea pig- Emily! Em was a great guinea pig- a 3 year old is way more squirmy than the grade school kids will be at the festival.  So if you can paint anything on a wiggly 3 year old and it comes out half recognizable then you’ll be all set!

Literary questions for you

I’m curious as to what makes for an exciting, fun read for you.  When you are reading a novel specifically, what point of view creates more of a sense of involvement for you as the reader?

If you have any other opinions or comments about what qualities in a fun novel make you love that book and want to read another, please leave a comment!

What’s wrong with Sara

FINALLY!  Sara has a diagnosis!  If you haven’t heard, my sister Sara has been dealing with some medical issues for 5 years now, ever since she gave birth to Joey.  She’s been exhausted, swollen, jaundiced, in pain, the works.  She’s had a million tests and procedures, been to see a million doctors and specialists.  Last year I took her to Wake Forest for tests.  That didn’t go well.  Finally this summer she went to Duke and they figured it out!  Sara has Hereditary spherocytosis. Now that they know what’s wrong with her they can fix her!  And unfortunately that means surgery.  She will have to have her spleen removed in October, a week or so before Halloween.   Because of the disease her spleen isn’t functioning as it should and that is making her sick.  Removing it is her only real option.  The surgery is Laparoscopic and her recovery time will be pretty short, thank goodness.  The surgeon taking care of her does all of the Charlotte area splenectomies so she’s in good hands.  I’m so excited for her to be able to get back to a normal life finally!  No more steroids!  Less blood draws!  (she’s been having her blood tested every 2 weeks for years now).  She’ll be feeling good in just a few weeks! Hurray!  So please say a little prayer or send some good healing vibes on October 25th!

I adore, adore, adore

Kathy Griffin, before her performance at the h...

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Even though I’ve never met these people I absolutely love and adore them.  Please, if they are all really jackholes, don’t spoil it for me.  One day I’ll have a big margarita drinking party and all these people will come over for the weekend.  We’ll play tons of games and have the best time and get matching tattoos.

  • Ross Matthews.  He is nothing but fun and brings me joy every time I see him.  I never miss an episode of Chelsea Lately when he’s on the round table.
  • Kathy Griffin.  Not only is she hilarious, but she is an active advocate for gay rights and an animal lover.   It takes cahones to publicly stand up for something controversial, especially if you aren’t gay yourself.  Bravo, Kathy!
  • Kathy Griffin’s mom Maggie.  Just adorable.  I’d love to tip it with her and share some box wine!
  • Bethenny Frankel.  Cracks me up.  Whip smart.  Managed to walk in sky high heels while hugely pregnant and made it look good.
  • Ricky Gervais.  Hilarious. Love his laugh.  I could listen to him talk about anything for hours. Kills me.
  • Jason Bateman.  Love his wit and sense of humor.
  • Lauren Graham.  She’s absolutely beautiful but not in that I’m a celebrity bitchy kind of way.  She’s not afraid to be goofy. Love that.
  • Jimmy Fallon.  Adorable.  Hilarious.  I love that he can’t keep a straight face and cracks up all the time.  Seems like a genuinely nice guy.
  • Drew Barrymore.  Extremely talented and beautiful but not intimidating.  You just know she’s down for having a beer and that makes her very cool.