CSP’s slow descent into Crazy Town

Maybe it’s all men, maybe it’s just mine, but I’m noticing some nuttiness lately that can’t be explained.  Example, the following picture: CSP doesn't want his new glasses on the interwebs This is CSP giving me the finger because I’m trying to capture for posterity how cute he looks in his new glasses.  He was convinced the picture would end up on the internet.  Well, why deny the inevitable?  Here he is, on the internet, looking smart as a whip in his new specs.   I fear he’s only a few vulgar hand gestures away from being the crazy old man on our street!  A few days after this picture was taken we were in the car. Together.  In a vehicle.  When CSP says to me “So, what are you doing for dinner?”  WHA??  Oh, well I was hoping you’d drop me off at Olive Garden and I’ll meet you back at home.  What goes through his head?  Please tell me I’m not the only one with a crazy husband out there!

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Then & now

Nine years ago when I started blogging:

  • I had recently started reading these things called blogs.  The first one I really liked was LJC.   Jenny’s blog inspired me to start my own.
  • CSP & I were newlyweds of 5 months.  We were researching where to buy our first house.
  • We were also already trying to start our family.
  • The economy was booming.
  • We were weeks away from 9/11.
  • I was working for one of the biggest mutual fund companies in the world.

Nine years later:

  • CSP & I are living in our 3rd house with our 3 pugs.
  • We’re still trying to start, no, add to our family.  But we’re getting closer.
  • The economy is in the toilet.
  • I’m a homemaker now.  A not so desperate housewife.  I also do some artist type stuff.
  • CSP & I are closing in on a decade of marriage.  It’s been an awesome 9+ years.

Super Shanny!

I saw this on Jenny’s blog & had to jump on it.   The Hero Factory lets you turn yourself into a super hero!  If you’re a girl you apparently get a set of super boobs! 😀  I love when I have super hero dreams.  My favorite are the flying dreams.  A close second would go to roller skating dreams.  Mega roller skating though, not just in a rink but going like 90 mph.  But the flying dreams- oh how I love those!  If I were a real super hero though I’d have a couple different powers:

~invisibility ( duh)

~flight ~~but I wouldn’t just fly unprotected.  I don’t want to be covered in bugs when I get to where I’m going.  I’ve figured out that I’d have like a plasma bubble that would form around me when I’m ready to fly.  Then I have a place for my purse and water bottle.  Plus all the bugs would either hit the plasma shield or even better would avoid it altogether because of the plasma energy field.  Oh, and my plasma bubble would have a/c and an iPod dock.

~Super strength for helping people.

~The ability to predict lottery numbers.  Just the once.  A big one.  But just the one.  I won’t get greedy.

~Super Metabolism (again, duh).

What super powers would you have?

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Hell on wheels

Last night Christina and I went to the roller derby!  It was so fun!  It all started when I watched the movie Whip It.  I grew up spending most of my summers in my family’s skating rink in Florida.  I could skate by the time I was 2 years old.  Then I graduated high school and skating went on the back burner.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I rented Whip It.  I wondered if Charlotte had a roller derby so I Googled it, and sure enough we do!  The Charlotte Roller Girls held a double header last night, their last home bout of the season. Charlotte Roller Girls Roller Derby! I’m so glad I Googled in time!  I bought our tickets online on Friday- good thing too because they sold out!  We couldn’t believe the crowds.  It was general admission with first come first serve seating.  The problem with that was all the seat holders. We’d spot a couple seats, run over to that section, excuse me pardon me to the seats just to find out “Oh these seats are taken”.  Ugh.  We sure did get a workout running around looking for seats!  We finally found two way over behind the videographer. Charlotte Roller Girls Roller Derby!!! It actually worked out though as she happened to be part of the derby and answered some of our questions.  At half time/intermission we moved to some better seats.

The bouts were really exciting!  Especially once we read up on the rules in the program and knew when to cheer and what was going on.  Man, I tell ya, those are some TOUGH ladies.  They took hits that would have put me in intensive care and they’d hop right back up and keep on skating.

I love how much personality this sport allows.Love this ref's mohawk helmet! Charlotte Roller Girls Roller Derby! Charlotte Roller Girls Roller Derby! All the skaters have fun skater names like Alley Capone, Pamela Ander-Slam, and Bashonista. One of the Roller Derby girls from Charlotte Roller Girls Roller Derby! I love the Asian skater who named herself Shrimp Lo Mean.  Bahaha!

The Charlotte Roller Girls are very active in the community and a portion of last night’s proceeds went to the Humane Society.  It was really cool to see them present a check for over $2000 to the Humane Society last night. Creepy clown guy & a big check for the Humane Society @Charlotte Roller Girls Roller Derby! Pardon my terrible photography.  I forgot my camera and had to rely on my phone.

Note the scary death clown man. Creepy clown guy at Charlotte Roller Girls Roller Derby! He was the announcer/commentator.  He scares me to death.  They even have a DJ. Charlotte Roller Girls Roller Derby! I love how all the people involved sport the derby colors- purple and black.
It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go to some more bouts next season!

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The day I turned 37

On my actual birthday CSP & I slept late then I got a call from Sara.  She was right outside with the boys!   They had flowers Birthday lillies and a handmade birthday card for me. We visited for a couple hours before they left. CSP & I decided to just chill at home that night so we went and picked up Chinese for dinner (YUM) & Kick Ass to watch.  We had a lovely evening watching a great movie cuddled up with the pugs.

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Birthday shopping

One of my birthday presents this year was a gift card to Amazon from Aunt Marsha & Uncle Larry.  Yay!  That’s like a gift card to the world!  I’ve been wanting a complete set of makeup brushes for a long time.  Well, forever since I’ve never had one complete set.  I thought I was going to get a set from Sephora but then I looked on Amazon for brushes when I received the gift card.  I found this set from LA Minerals.  Disregard the photo that looks like it was taken in 1987.  The brush set arrived and they are so pink and pretty!  And SOFT like you wouldn’t believe!  They haven’t shed either which is fabulous.  I love them so much.  I looove makeup and putting it on and now that I have a nice brush set I just feel more grown up.

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Final Birthday Dinner

CSP & I went out for our own birthday dinner celebration.  I wanted to go somewhere low key.   We love Captain Steve’s but hadn’t been in a while so we went there. I got their fabulous shrimp cocktail Shrimp Cocktail at Captain Steve's along with their yummy grilled chicken salad. CSP got his usual salt and pepper catfish & big as your face onion rings! CSP loves the onion rings at Captain Steve's For dessert we stopped by Bruster’s and got ice cream for the road home.  I picked Key Lime Pie.  Yummmm.  Oh, and before dinner we stopped in to Cracker Barrel– not to eat, just to browse the little store.  I love the little store- they had all their cute Halloween stuff out already!

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Birthday Eve

The night before my birthday CSP & I drove out to his parents house for my birthday celebration. We stopped for cherry limeades at Sonic on the way out.  My MIL had gorgeous sunflowers out on display for my dinner. Birthday sunflower They had made a yummy fruity salad with a ginger lime dressing, lasagne, and my favorite pie for dessert.  Derby Pie! Birthday derby pie! Derby Pie (the way my MIL makes it) is like a pecan pie with coconut and chocolate chips. SO yummy!  After dinner I opened up my presents (lots of adorable goodies) then we headed home with stuffed bellies!