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I adore, adore, adore

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Even though I’ve never met these people I absolutely love and adore them.  Please, if they are all really jackholes, don’t spoil it for me.  One day I’ll have a big margarita drinking party and all these people will come over for the weekend.  We’ll play tons of games and have the best time and get matching tattoos.

  • Ross Matthews.  He is nothing but fun and brings me joy every time I see him.  I never miss an episode of Chelsea Lately when he’s on the round table.
  • Kathy Griffin.  Not only is she hilarious, but she is an active advocate for gay rights and an animal lover.   It takes cahones to publicly stand up for something controversial, especially if you aren’t gay yourself.  Bravo, Kathy!
  • Kathy Griffin’s mom Maggie.  Just adorable.  I’d love to tip it with her and share some box wine!
  • Bethenny Frankel.  Cracks me up.  Whip smart.  Managed to walk in sky high heels while hugely pregnant and made it look good.
  • Ricky Gervais.  Hilarious. Love his laugh.  I could listen to him talk about anything for hours. Kills me.
  • Jason Bateman.  Love his wit and sense of humor.
  • Lauren Graham.  She’s absolutely beautiful but not in that I’m a celebrity bitchy kind of way.  She’s not afraid to be goofy. Love that.
  • Jimmy Fallon.  Adorable.  Hilarious.  I love that he can’t keep a straight face and cracks up all the time.  Seems like a genuinely nice guy.
  • Drew Barrymore.  Extremely talented and beautiful but not intimidating.  You just know she’s down for having a beer and that makes her very cool.

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