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What’s wrong with Sara

FINALLY!  Sara has a diagnosis!  If you haven’t heard, my sister Sara has been dealing with some medical issues for 5 years now, ever since she gave birth to Joey.  She’s been exhausted, swollen, jaundiced, in pain, the works.  She’s had a million tests and procedures, been to see a million doctors and specialists.  Last year I took her to Wake Forest for tests.  That didn’t go well.  Finally this summer she went to Duke and they figured it out!  Sara has Hereditary spherocytosis. Now that they know what’s wrong with her they can fix her!  And unfortunately that means surgery.  She will have to have her spleen removed in October, a week or so before Halloween.   Because of the disease her spleen isn’t functioning as it should and that is making her sick.  Removing it is her only real option.  The surgery is Laparoscopic and her recovery time will be pretty short, thank goodness.  The surgeon taking care of her does all of the Charlotte area splenectomies so she’s in good hands.  I’m so excited for her to be able to get back to a normal life finally!  No more steroids!  Less blood draws!  (she’s been having her blood tested every 2 weeks for years now).  She’ll be feeling good in just a few weeks! Hurray!  So please say a little prayer or send some good healing vibes on October 25th!

5 thoughts on “What’s wrong with Sara”

  1. I gotta say I’m so impressed with the way she kept plugging away, trying to find out the source. I’m sure THAT was exhausting itself. THe healing vibes will be coming from Az too!


  2. I’ve been reading for a long, long time (you once sent me an IKEA catalog because they wouldn’t send one to Louisiana) and I’ve followed your notes and concerns about Sara. I know you’re all relieved to have a diagnosis and plan for her health and I know she’ll do great in surgery – my mom’s birthday is October 25th and she’s a Recovery room nurse! Kismet!


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