Literary questions for you

I’m curious as to what makes for an exciting, fun read for you.  When you are reading a novel specifically, what point of view creates more of a sense of involvement for you as the reader?

If you have any other opinions or comments about what qualities in a fun novel make you love that book and want to read another, please leave a comment!

4 thoughts on “Literary questions for you”

  1. I like third person present mostly, but the Hunger Games trilogy is written in first person present, and on audio it makes the book pretty compelling.

    What makes a good read for me is the turn of the word. What I mean is that the author needs to have a way with a phrase that makes me have a vivid picture of the events and feel something for the characters, action, and plot. Words are powerful, and I think good authors know how to wield them like weapons that assault the imagination in a good way.


  2. For me it depends, but I mostly like first person past. In Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books (my guilty pleasure), I feel that I become Stephanie and the story becomes even more enjoyable and funny.


  3. I like first person present. I want to be “in the moment” with the main character. I feel much more attached to what is going on with them, if it’s a suprise to them, it’s a surprise to me too.

    It also depends on the story a good deal. If the story is written with flashbacks and movements in time, I’m ok with switching the view point. I also enjoy books that switch narrators too, I like the rounded out story you get that way.


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