Crunchberry Frap

I saw this first on Jenny’s blog and was intrigued. A Crunchberry frap.  I loved Cap’n Crunch as a kid.  So to enjoy a Crunchberry in a frap?  I’m in!  Yesterday we went to Starbucks with CSP’s parents so I ordered one. Crunchberry frap! Tastes just like Cap'n Crunch Crunchberries! Basically it’s a strawberries and cream frap with a shot of hazelnut.  It’s amazing how much it tastes just like a crunchberry! Yum!

Local wrecks

Walmart is NOT my favorite place, but we have to visit it often to buy pug food.  They eat Iams toy breed food. We can’t  find it anywhere else for such a reasonable price.  But while we’re there we do find some bright spots. We always stop by the cake case in the bakery.  OMG the cakes are hilarious!  I don’t know what their inspirations are but the cake decorators never cease to amaze. Jesus fish in a dry cracked creek. They look like Jesus fish trying to swim up a dry, cracked creek bed! Bahaha! Ugly walmart cake And this one, there are TWO words to fit on this cake and they couldn’t do it.  I bet whoever gets this on their big day feels special!  I love the website Cake Wrecks.  They should totally come here if they ever run out of entries!

A homecoming 40 years in the making

CSP’s parents recently celebrated their 40th anniversary!   They were in Minnesota for a week or so during their anniversary.  They are from Minnesota so it was a very special homecoming.   They even visited the church where they were married on their actual anniversary.  For something special they stayed a night at their favorite hotel, the Sofitel. We wanted to do something special for them to help celebrate their anniversary even though we were states away in NC.  I called the Sofitel and spoke with Larry the concierge.  He was really helpful and a lot of fun to work with.  It took a couple hours and a couple faxes (for signatures for payment) but we finally were able to treat CSP’s parents.  Larry set up a surprise for them in their hotel room.  It was waiting for them when they checked in.  We had a bottle of nice chilled champagne, a fruit and cheese plate, a croissant and a pain au chocolate (MIL’s favorite pastry).  We also upgraded their room from a double bed room to a king size bed room.  I talked Larry into the upgrade for free.  Larry tried to get me to spring for some satin sheets!  Larry!  These are my inlaws we’re talking about!   A judge and a librarian!  They don’t slide around on slinky sheets and I don’t want to think about it!  heh  CSP’s parents called us that night after they walked in and saw their surprise.  They loved it!  They snapped a photo on his iPhone and sent us a pic of what awaited them. Anniversary surprise for CSP's parents. We were so pleased that we were able to surprise them and make their stay even more special. 40 years is a huge deal and we were happy to be able to be there in spirit!

Dontcha know

CSP’s parents came over for Father’s Day revelry. We, and by we I mean CSP, grilled veggies & brats. We watched the funniest show while eating dinner. I had seen it advertised and couldn’t wait to view it with them all.  CSP & his family are from Minnesota so they got an extra special kick from it.  It was great watching them all crack up.  Mall Cops: Mall of America.  OMG y’all, this show is a RIOT.  The voice over guy is just priceless.  And the sound effects!  Who knew so much drama plagued the seemingly innocent Mall of America?  I just love when a show is unintentionally hilarious. There was much suspense over a smoothie.  A SMOOTHIE!