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Local wrecks

Walmart is NOT my favorite place, but we have to visit it often to buy pug food.  They eat Iams toy breed food. We can’t  find it anywhere else for such a reasonable price.  But while we’re there we do find some bright spots. We always stop by the cake case in the bakery.  OMG the cakes are hilarious!  I don’t know what their inspirations are but the cake decorators never cease to amaze. Jesus fish in a dry cracked creek. They look like Jesus fish trying to swim up a dry, cracked creek bed! Bahaha! Ugly walmart cake And this one, there are TWO words to fit on this cake and they couldn’t do it.  I bet whoever gets this on their big day feels special!  I love the website Cake Wrecks.  They should totally come here if they ever run out of entries!

1 thought on “Local wrecks”

  1. I adore Cake Wrecks. Now I’ll have to look at our Wal-Mart’s bakery section. I looked at our grocery store’s one today … everything looked really nice. The balloons on that one cake … with the purple dots … I thought “boobies” at first! LOL! 🙂


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