Cabin fever

I’m working on getting better.  That has involved being housebound. Thankfully I have a new tv love.  True Blood.  I’ve been reading the books (finished with book #2) and am almost finished with Season 1 on DVD.  I was worried about how the actors would be able to pull off the Southern accent, but they do a great job!  Especially considering that most of the main cast are from other countries!  Canada, Australia,  the United Kingdom, and Sweden!  Amazing how they can get our accent right way better than the other way around.  Now, if only I can talk CSP into getting HBO.

3 thoughts on “Cabin fever”

  1. Just order it and don’t tell him. If he ever lands on HBO and says what is this just pretend it is free preview week. LOL


  2. Aren’t they awesome? And I think Anna Paquin lived in New Zealand for a while too.

    What I do? Every summer I order the movie channels and then once True Blood is over, I cancel Not the best practice in the world but I get True Blood! And occasionally we pvr a movie 🙂


  3. I netflixed trueblood season 1… HOLY WOW. am I glad I got bored last night and decided to watch it before I let Jasmin watch it!! Im loving it. but ummm maybe not all the nudity and language for her? ha. sookie cracks me up. What are you?? Im a waitress. lol.


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