Crunchberry Frap

I saw this first on Jenny’s blog and was intrigued. A Crunchberry frap.  I loved Cap’n Crunch as a kid.  So to enjoy a Crunchberry in a frap?  I’m in!  Yesterday we went to Starbucks with CSP’s parents so I ordered one. Crunchberry frap! Tastes just like Cap'n Crunch Crunchberries! Basically it’s a strawberries and cream frap with a shot of hazelnut.  It’s amazing how much it tastes just like a crunchberry! Yum!

1 thought on “Crunchberry Frap”

  1. It’s freaky right?! I love Crunchberry and I can’t get over how this frap tastes like it. How did someone discover that? Randomly mixing flavors on slow days?


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