Annual Father’s Day book launch

Tonight I went to see Papa & Gigi and Momo.  Papa & Gigi are going to be out of town this weekend and I wanted to give Papa his father’s day present.  A few years ago I started making photo books for Papa each Father’s Day.  I filled them with photos from the previous year.  I make them on my Mac through iPhoto and he loves them.  The whole family does.  I love making them.  I love having a family yearbook of sorts.  This year was going to be a toughie though.  Our old, beloved eMac had died and trapped within its body are all the photos I took up to October 2009.  I still have to take the eMac to the Apple store to get them to pull all the data & photos off it and put it onto the new MacBook Pro.  The Apple store just isn’t convenient and the last few months have been chaotic to say the least.  Anyway, for this year’s book I decided to focus the entire book on Papa’s 60th birthday.  He had a very special dinner with his oldest and dearest friends in attendance.  My Mom orchestrated the whole thing.  All the boys golfed that day while Mom entertained the wives, then dinner was that night.  I gave Momo my purse camera and had her be my second shooter and we documented the evening.  I sorted through all the pictures and edited them then compiled the book.  That night I had taken notes as the boys gave toasts and whatnot so I had some pretty funny quotes from the guys to complement the photos.  Papa was so tickled at the book.  Once I gave him the book then I published the photos online so his friends could have access to them.  Dinner w/Papa, Gigi & Momo. Gave Papa his father's day book. He loves it. After we perused the book we had a wonderful dinner that Gigi had cheffed up.  It was a lovely evening.  I’m so very lucky to have my Papa.  He’s the best dad I’ve ever had.