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Bump, it up!

The ladies in my family were not blessed with thick, luscious hair. Well, except for Momo.  She has amazing hair.  So we’re always looking for ways to make our hair look thicker.  That’s why I keep my hair short.  It’s so thin and baby fine that if I grow it beyond my chin you can totally see through it like ghost lady hair.  But I digress.  When I was at Papa & Gigi’s Gigi got the idea to bump up my hair with Bumpits. Have you seen these things?  They were first sold on tv and now you can get them at Target and CVS and other places.   We were in the kitchen and I was sitting at the table, no mirrors around.  Gigi put in all 3 bumpits and stood back to observe her work.  She has this noise she makes when she’s about to erupt into a major fit of giggles.  She made the noise.  Then ran out of the room.  After she composed herself she returned and took some pictures of me with my iPhone.  Then she announced that bumpits are not for me.  Now I manage to make my hair look presentable on a near daily basis.  In less than 10 minutes my mother managed to make my hair look like it came from a can!Gigi tried to bump my hair up w/bumpits. My hair looks like it came from a can! The top of my head looked like a runaway truck ramp!
Gigi tried to bump my hair up w/bumpits. My head looks like a runaway truck ramp!

3 thoughts on “Bump, it up!”

  1. LOL! I have the same problem, Shannon. My hairdresser suggested Nioxin to me yesterday to help add some volume.


    1. I’ve tried Nioxin. I’d like a little of that pixie dust Suzy mentioned! Actually, the older I’ve gotten, the wavier and thicker looking my hair has gotten. Maybe by the time I’m 80 I’ll have a thick head of luxurious hair! lol


  2. AWwwwwwwww! Bless YOUR heart. My hair dresser has some sort of magic pixie dust (for REAL) that adds volume to the roots of your hair without the runaway truck ramp results.


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