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Birthdays and tickets and mayors, oh my!

Last night we went out to celebrate Papa’s upcoming 60th birthday.  Papa at Carrabbas for his 60th bday dinner! We had a fabulous dinner at Carrabbas. SaraSara at Carrabbas for Papa's 60th bday dinner!, Jacob, JoeyJacob & Joey at Carrabbas for Papa's 60th bday dinner!, Momo, her new boyfriend J Momo & Jeremy at Carrabbas for Papa's 60th bday dinner!, CSP, Gigi Gigi at Carrabbas for Papa's 60th bday dinner!and I were all there.  Jake and Joey wore their Crocs boots we got them for their birthdays this year. Joey loves the Crocs boots we gave him for his birthday. So cute! Jacob loves the Crocs boots we gave him for his birthday They look like little storm troopers!

We had a great waiter that was really fun.  He was also very tolerant.  When CSP & I went to dinner there for our anniversary they gave us a coupon book that we saved for Papa’s dinner.  There was a coupon for a free appetizer, a free dessert, and a free quartino (whatever that is) of wine (gave that one to Gigi).  When I arrived I checked in on Foursquare.  My check in made me the mayor of Carrabbas.  And that meant that I was entitled to a free dessert!  Sweet!  Oh, and as a bonus I earned the 16 candles badge because it was my 5th birthday shout out.  Which I guess means it was my 5th time checking in at a birthday celebration since joining Foursquare.

So we sit down and right away our waiter, Taylor, tells us that we can only use one coupon for the whole table.  Boo!  So we decide Gigi can have the free wine.  After she’s already drank the wine Taylor tells us that the coupon is not valid in NC.  Boo again!  But then Taylor tells us he’ll comp us a couple apps instead.  Also, if it’s your birthday then you get free dessert!  Nice.  I tell ya, not just the comps, but they seriously have great service at Carrabbas.  Nothing I ordered was on the menu, and all of it was fab.  Since we couldn’t use all the coupons I gave the extras away.  This family I chose happened to be there for the lady’s birthday so they were psyched to score a free app.  Lots of hand shaking.  Oh, and Taylor called me Your Honor and Mrs. Mayor all night.  So fun!

At dinner Momo told me she got pulled over on the way to the restaurant.  Yikes!  Gigi asked “Did you get a ticket?”  Momo said “No, but he gave me this piece of paper with a court date on it!”  Ha! Bless her heart, she thought if you got a ticket it looked like an old timey movie ticket or something. Cracked me up!  We ended up spending like 3 hours at dinner.  You know you’re having a good time if dinner takes 3 hours!  Papa had a wonderful birthday dinner.

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