On stem cells

Are stem cells and stem cell research/therapy/etc still controversial?  I don’t know much about stem cells or how they are used or why there is even controversy surrounding them.   Luckily there are sites on the internet that have more information about stem cells so we can all learn about them.  There is even a movie about them!  On Stem Cells tells you everything you need to know about where you can receive treatment all over the world.  You can read recent news about stem cells and treatments and therapies.    It’s odd to me that this many years after first hearing about stem cell research and therapies that it isn’t widely available.  I suppose I just don’t understand all the controversy surrounding it.

I guess that embryonic stem cells are controversial, and I can understand where some people would have reservations about that.  But when you are using your own stem cells, why not?  If I found out that I had some sort of disease that could be treated with stem cells I would certainly do all that I could to learn all about the therapies.  I’d even put some of my cells in a stem cell bank if that would help me down the road.

I think it’s pretty amazing that inside our own bodies we have this amazing capability.  Cells that can make completely new cells!  Apparently bone marrow cells may be able to create muscle cells!  The body is just an incredible miracle walking around.  I love that mankind has been on this Earth for thousands of years and we are still discovering all the scientific wonders that our bodies hold.

Luckily doctors and scientists are constantly making forward strides in all sorts of disease prevention and treatment, including stem cell research and therapies. You never know, cures for cancer, AIDS, etc. could be right around the corner!

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