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Yet another public sob fest

Last night Christina and I had a little girls’ night out last night.  We went to dinner at Chili’s then to see Seven Pounds.  This might seem a little weird, but sometimes I feel that when I’m out and about that people are looking at me.  Sure enough, while we were eating dinner Christina told me that the man at the next table had been staring at me the whole time.  So weird!  Then when we got up to leave I dropped my phone.  He picked it up and looked at the screen before giving it back to me.  And both he and his wife made funny comments about it.  Hmm.

Seven Pounds was really interesting and really good in my opinion.  Makes you think.  Man was it a cry fest though.  I forgot to grab napkins to bring in for tear wiping and there were no paper towels in the restroom and I forgot to grab tissue.  Luckily on my way back to the theatre I spotted a roll of paper towels and swiped them for us.  They came in handy let me tell you!

4 thoughts on “Yet another public sob fest”

  1. good thing you dropped your phone…they were dying to talk to you! They already had it planned out in their heads! Man that was weird!


  2. email me about the movie… I can’t seem to figure it out… we might want to see it but we don’t get it from what we have read about it lol….


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