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Beating them off with a stick

The other day I had to run some errands on Momo’s side of town so I picked her up and brought her along. For those of you who have not met Morgan in real life let me fill you in. She’s 6 feet tall. Gorgeous. Big, beautiful smile. Funny. And wicked smart. Now let me describe to you what it’s like to go out with her. We ran our first couple errands and they were uneventful. Then we grabbed some dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.Momo across the table Well, you would think that those waiters had never seen a pretty girl before. They were all coming into our area to look at her. A couple literally ran into each other while staring at Momo!  There is one waiter there who loooves her.  Last time we were there he comped her meal!  After dinner we made a stop at Hobby Lobby (where a man almost ran into his wife looking at Momo) then CVS to pick up some Coke for Papa.  I waited in the car at CVS.  A group of 3 boys came around the corner and were tripping all over themselves looking at her.  She came out after a few minutes and told me they had whistled at her in the store.  Who knew they still whistled!?  Then while she was in the check out line they came out and I saw them jumping up and down to get one last look at Momo through the high windows.  I swear, she must feel like the Queen of England walking around!  Well, if Her Majesty could still rock a belly shirt.

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