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Heading home

I know you must be thinking GOOD LORD ISN’T THIS TRIP OVER YET?? But no, dear readers, there is more! Behold- the story of Friday, November 7. I decided I’m going to use the word Behold more. It sounds way more important that look, or check it out. Behold- your dinner! Ok, back to my trip report.
So, Friday morning we woke up and I grabbed a bagel from the hotel’s free breakfast thing.  I’m pretty sure I was surrounded by cult members at breakfast- they had that look.  After breakfast we hugged and said our goodbyes to Papa & Gigi.  Then we all hit the road.  They headed North for home and we headed South to visit Nanny.  I called Nanny while CSP was pumping gas.  She told me she was sick with bronchitis, just spent 4 miserable days on her cruise, and not to come! Continue reading “Heading home”